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Furama City Centre Brings Echo Into Their Rooms

Let’s put our hands together to Furama City Centre’s ‘invisible butler’. It can help you to control your room’s TV channels, play music, set your alarm, read bedtime stories and much more by simply saying “Echo“. Welcome to the era of smart hotel experience. Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart device which is developed by Amazon. Totally hands-free, this voice recognition product will perform operations based on your voice commands. To wake Echo Dot, just say “Echo” and the beautiful…

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8 Fun Activities You Need To Try Out This Week

With high-speed internet access today, Kayden can learn and get information from digital sources such as YouTube Kids and many other educational apps on his iPad. Well, I do let Kayden enjoy his screen time, but only when he has completed his homework or certain tasks given to him. I believe children are born to be little explorers and not couch potatoes. By using their five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch), they can learn, remember and pick up…

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10 Ways That Made Me A Super Dad

Of all things, I really did not anticipate that being a Dad, my best assistant is my smartphone. With two little boys attaching to me most of the time, I have to juggle between my day job and family. To all Dads around the world, Happy Father’s Day in the month of June! I need time to chill with a cup of hot coffee when both little boys are having their afternoon nap, speak to my good friends while they…

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Healthy Baked Chicken Recipe

We all love chicken. Packed with protein, this healthy white meat can be boiled, baked, fried or steamed. Today, I am shaking things up with my baked chicken using my brand new Aztech Silvertone InnoBake Digi-Convection Oven (ACO6638). Yes, I am dropping my old 26L timer knob oven for a 38L digital knob oven. This recipe is easy to prepare with the ACO6638 oven because of its huge size and mostly importantly, the heating efficiency. Within the oven, there are…

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Health Parenting

5 Simple Ways To Stay Motivated

Let’s think about it: You are welcoming the world and fulfilling your life with a whole brand-new positive attitude. Soon, your life will begin to reveal the positive sign! Then, some things happen in your life. You receive some bad news and then, you are back to where you have begun! Exactly, how could this take place? What can be done regularly to keep yourself inspired, motivated and positive at all times? In order to stay motivated and positive, we…

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Invitations Singapore

Kids Dine Free At Face To Face Noodle House 面对面

Sarawak could be on my travel checklist when I am planning for a short getaway trip next time. With its dense rainforest, tribal cultures and unique cuisines, every traveller can experience a whole new side of travelling. When comes to food in Sarawak, two local specialities come first to my mind, Sarawak Noodles and Sarawak Laksa. Located in City Square Mall, Face To Face Noodle House 面对面 is a Malaysia famous noodle shop which serves authentic handmade Sarawak noodles without…

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