Author: Soon Koon

Hospoda Microbrewery, Crafted Czech Beer In Singapore

Friday evenings are the best time for every Dad to unwind themselves before they head back to full parenting schedules over the weekends. Last week, I had an evening gathering session with friends at Hospoda Microbrewery. It was great! With the old heritage yet modern flair ambience of the shophouses in Albert Court, it a perfect combination for some Czech beer and light bites with friends. What Is A Microbrewery? Unlike large-scale corporate breweries, microbreweries are independently-owned and are of much smaller-scaled breweries. As microbreweries produce small amount of beers, they emphasise a lot on quality, flavour and as...

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Cufflinks For Valentine’s Day

Cufflinks. They are small ornaments that close up your long-sleeve shirt cuff. The last time I put on a pair of cufflinks was during my wedding day. Gosh! That’s nearly 7 years ago! I could remember it was a pair of Kenneth Cole cufflink which I bought it at the Round Rock Premium Outlets in Texas, United States. Every guy needs to put on a pair of exquisite design cufflink in their lifetime. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just a good design to show off your personality. In case you don’t know what cufflink is, it is a...

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The Secret Inside My $60 Berries Reader Pen

Chinese can be a scary subject to many children these days. Unlike English words which phonics could help in pronunciations, those “dots”, “strokes” and “angles” which form a Chinese character makes it unreadable to a child. From road signs to notice boards, children in Singapore are more exposed to English rather than Chinese. Back in Kayden’s school, he would spend an hour of Chinese lesson per day. For the rest of the day, English will be the main communicated language use. When Kayden reached the age of 5, we are impressed by his English. He would score full marks...

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Enjoy Authentic Thai Dipping Sauce From Knife This Chinese New Year

In less than a week, Chinese around the world will be celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year. During this festive occasion, Chinese will be having reunion dinner on the eve of this important celebration. Steamboat, Peng Cai and many other home cook dishes will be filled on the dining table. Family members will gather and enjoy a sumptuous meal. Many of the Chinese in Singapore will be having steamboat as a form of reunion dinner. It is healthy and easy to prepare because all the delicacies like scallops, slices of abalones and prawns are boiled until cooked. The soup...

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Nucleus: The Smart Home Trend

If you haven’t heard, “smart devices” are growing more and more common. Every year it seems like a new household device is becoming internet-connected and offering lots of modern features. There’s a new internet-connected fridge from Samsung that has a touchscreen where you can order your fresh groceries with a couple touches of your finger. I also heard of a company called Smartypans that will alert you when your food is cooked to a safe temperature and when it’s finished cooking. Smart watches are also getting common nowadays to track our daily activities and alert us on things that...

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