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Dads, Are You Ready For Super Nintendo Classic Edition?

Good news to Super Nintendo fans who get their hands on this gaming console back in the 1990s. Installed with 21 classic video games, Super Nintendo Classic Edition is a pint-sized 16-bit gray-and-purple gaming console which will be selling on the September 29. The Super Nintendo Classic Edition has the look of the 1990s housing. Compact in design, this console brings portability to everyone. The gaming system will include two wired controllers that suit the palm of your hand. Packed…

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How This Solar Paint Produces Clean Energy For Everyone

Powering houses utilising clean energy is ending up being much easier thanks to a growing number of clever innovations and efforts. There have been a couple of advancements for many years that have guaranteed a future where solar batteries could be painted or sprayed onto surface areas for solar energy. A brand-new solar paint innovation from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University uses a technique by utilising the sunshine to divide water particles to produce hydrogen. The paint integrates…

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Cook This Page By IKEA Makes Cooking Easy

To many people, cooking includes two main actions. First, you will begin to prepare the ingredients, and after that, you will run back to your cookbook or tablet to find out exactly how much condiments is required or what is the next step. Why can’t cooking be more fun and relax? Finally, an advertisement company in Toronto has come up with a cool kitchen hack to make our lives much easier when preparing a meal. As part of an ad…

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Thank You IKEA, We Build A Carpark

“It’s crafting time!” The response which I would get from Kayden will definitely be “Yeah, Daddy!” When comes to a crafting idea, I have to make sure that it will easy, fun and creative. On top on that, it will be great if the handcrafted item encourages playtime and can be used as a storage. With so many products available in IKEA, there are lots of room for creativity and imagination. Initially, my wife and I want to build an…

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Dine Reviews Singapore

Get A Sakae Sushi Mosaic Set This Father’s Day

“Wow! This is beautiful!” This is exactly how my whole family felt when I first opened up this gift set. Packed in a two-tiered Japanese takeaway box, Sakae Sushi’s second edition Mosaic Sushi gift set is created for sushi-loving Dads! Resembles colourful mini jewels, these bite size sushi mounds are rolled with fresh Japanese condiments such as tokibo fish roe, seaweed, black and white sesame seeds. On each sushi sphere, it is topped with delicious ingredients like Japanese Kani Crabmeat,…

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Health Parenting

What Is The Number One Fear In Parents?

When my wife and myself broke the news to Kayden that he was going to have a baby brother, his curiosity raised to a whole new level. With both of his eyes wide opened and touching my wife’s tummy, the first question which popped out from his mouth was, “Is this my baby?“ Month after month, Kayden would often ask my wife, “What is the size of my baby now?” and “What is my baby doing inside?“ In order to…

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