With the new year here, I find myself wanting to live happier and healthier. After losing 15kg and having a newborn baby in 2017, I am finding new ways to take care of myself and my family. In a few weeks, we will be welcoming the Chinese New Year; the best time for families, friends and loved ones to meet up. Of course, sweet and savoury treats are a must to be kept at home for visitors to consume.

Treats aside, I have started my spring cleaning little by little last week. Throwing away old junks, tidying the house and finding hidden dusty spots are part of this annual cleaning tradition. I can’t wait to decorate my home with bright red and glittering gold colours to usher the Lunar New Year. As part of the Chinese tradition, “Good Health”, “Prosperity”, “Wealth” and “Luck” are the auspicious exchange words during this festive season.

25810639948_c305d16fc7_oFlipping through the supermarket’s Chinese New Year promotional magazine, stocking up my fridge with cans of drinks first is an obvious choice. Caught my attention was F&N’s Healthier Choice Variety Pack. My family’s traditional favourites, F&N Orange and F&N Sarsi, are now zero in sugar. That’s what I call enjoy the moment with lesser guilt.

The 135-year-old F&B company heats up the Year Of The Dog with their F&N Variety Pack, conveying the festive message ‘旺旺来福’. Finally, their 100PLUS are dressed up in stunning golden cans.

25810639778_2e91657aff_oSold in 24 cans with assorted flavours, F&N Healthier Choice Variety Pack and F&N Variety Pack are priced at S$13.25 each. The 100PLUS Value Pack in original flavour is priced at S$14.70 for 24 cans. You can purchase these drinks at major supermarkets and hypermarkets from January 2018.

UntitledWhat treat can put a cheeky smile on a child? Ice cream! During this festive period, kids can enjoy ice cream without strong objections from their parents. For this reason, I include Korea’s Samanco and Pangtoa into my CNY shopping list. If you have not heard of them before, I believe you might have seen them in Korea’s supermarkets.

Samanco is the thick vanilla ice-cream sealed inside the soft wafer-shaped as a carp. Inspired by Korea’s famous street food, Samanco comes in four different fillings; red bean, strawberry, sweet potato and green tea. Who can resist that generous layer of ice cream?

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledSamanco Red Bean and Samanco Strawberry are available at major supermarkets at S$8.80 in multi-packs of four. Samanco Sweet Potato and Samanco Green Tea are available at Fairprice, Cheers and Shine Korea at S$2.30 each.

Bread and ice cream is what Pangtoa means. With creamy vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two layers of chiffon cake, this is the perfect combination of flavour and texture.

Untitled39651670842_7f6fc81fca_oUntitledPangtoa Cookies And Cream are available at major supermarkets at S$10.90, which comes in multi-packs of four. The Chocolate and Red Velvet flavours can be found at Fairprice, Cheers and Shine Korea at S$2.30 each. The Pangtoa Blueberry is only available at Shine Korea and selected stores at S$2.30 each.

UntitledDrinks in auspicious colours and mouthwatering ice cream are in my festive shopping checklist. So, what’s on your Chinese New Year shopping list this year?


Some of these products have been sent by their respective manufacturers. Views expressed on this blog is personal.

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