Three weeks back, I received an email from Shaiful (@shoeboy5684) , from the audience team of Migme, asking about how I felt about the Migme social network platform. I gave him some suggestions and also requested to visit the Migme office in the near future. When Alvin (@Alvinology) emailed me about the #MigUpSG event for Migme invited bloggers a week later, my thought was “This sh*t just got real!”

With Migme’s HQ located in Singapore’s City Hall, signing up as an invited Migme blogger makes me feel like I am part of this social network team. As a full time working Dad of a two year old boy and blogging for almost four years, I was never being invited to such a special occasion.

I believe many people in Singapore knows little or have “zero knowledge” about Migme, so do I …… *initially*. Well, Migme is a microblogging social media platform. With more than five millions active users monthly from the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia, Migme has a lot of interactivity online such as sending of virtual gifts and chat rooms. What I love more about Migme is there is no spammy advertisements when I am scrolling through the site.

Going to the Migme’s office for a two hours #MigUpSG program, I am very excited and curious on how will the whole social event be like. I am happy to meet up with Alvin as well as some other bloggers. The introduction speech was by Steven Goh (@crazygrape), the CEO of Migme. I guess the limelight was on the Vice President of Migme, Gene Yu (@scorpiojiang). Gene shared all his joy, suspense and tiring twelve years of experience in the US Army. A pretty lengthy speech!

I am happy to meet up with some bloggers, whose blog genre is totally different from mine. We exchanged ideas and experiences together. Even though this was a short meetup, it was a very good experience to learn and get to know people. The best part is, we are all Migme’s Bloggers!

Sign up and follow me on Migme ( on my user ID @lemonfilm (

*All the photographs are taken by Alvin.


MigmeSG Event For Invited Bloggers


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