Pies And Coffee In Tanjong Katong

Pies And Coffee In Tanjong Katong

As Tanjong Katong is near to the seafront of East Coast beach, this district is a food paradise with many small cafés and restaurants locating along the streets in the rows of shophouses. During my morning trip with my family in Tanjong Katong, I bumped onto this small cafe called Pies and Coffee (Pies & Coffee) located just opposite Tanjong Katong Girls School and nearby to a bus stop. Pies and Coffee in Tanjong Katong is one of their four cafe outlets in Singapore. The other three outlets are located at The Grandstand, Rochester Mall and Robertson Walk.

When entering Pies and Coffee in Tanjong Katong, those white-coloured painted walls accompanied with brown-coloured dining furnitures and clutter-less layout makes this cafe’s interior design rather minimalistic and clean. Nothing less and nothing more. Outdoor seatings are available, but I will skip that due to the hot morning weather in Singapore. From the size of this cafe, it should be able to accommodate up to 30 customers comfortably. Now, it’s time for a family meal.



My first order serving right up was the Banana Hazelnut Pancakes, which comes with a glass of free cloudy apple or orange juice to choose from. Only the top slice of pancake is deeply coated with Nutella spread and then topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries. Between each slice of the pancakes, they are separated with fresh slices of bananas, probably about 4 to 5 slices. Priced at $9.25, the pancakes and Nutella makes a perfect food companion together for an awesome breakfast.



Serving up next was the Hearty Breakfast that comes with scrambled eggs, fresh salad on the side, two sweet Belgium waffles and a cheese sausage. The scrambled eggs in this Hearty Breakfast are likely to be cooked beforehand and then, mixed with tartar sauce because it had a sour and tangy taste. As those Belgium waffles are already sweetened, it is great to eat them as it is. There is no need to serve them additionally with confectioners sugar or syrup. Probably, I would suggest Pies and Coffee to serve these Belgium waffles with some fresh cut fruits on top of it. Like the Banana Hazelnut Pancakes, the Hearty Breakfast also comes with a glass of cloudy apple or orange juice at a price of $13.55.



Unfortunately, there isn’t any options to upgrade their breakfast meals to coffee or tea. Nevertheless, I have decided to try Pies and Coffee’s latte, which cost $5.80. To my surprise, the latte was smooth and aromatic. The latte did not taste sour and has a slight bitter aftertaste. What a great morning dosage of caffeine.



I have also tried the Pies and Coffee’s Iced Mocha Coffee which cost $6.90. This is a nice and sweet iced chocolate drink with a slight hint of coffee aftertaste.



Finally, here comes my Chicken Cheddar Pie ($9.95), which was serve hot after the staff have it heated up in the oven. The pastry crust of the pie was soft and had a buttery taste. Slicing the pie with a knife doesn’t makes the crust crumbles easily. Not a messy job after all.



Taking a peek inside my Chicken Cheddar Pie, the sauce of the ingredients inside the pie flows out quickly when sliced and there were large chunks of chicken meat and potato inside the pie. The taste of cheddar was mild and there were rosemary herbs present in my Chicken Cheddar Pie. Seems like I love the crust of my pie more than the ingredients inside.



The good thing about Pies and Coffee is there are no service charge and the cafe has nice ambience and great for small group gathering. As there is only 1 bus locating outside the cafe, you might need to check which are the buses that stop by.


Address of my visit
Pies & Coffee
232 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437020

Opening Hours
Daily: 9:00am to 11:00pm

Telephone: (65) 6342 1667
Website: http://www.piesncoffee.com


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Maison Kayser At Scotts Square

Maison Kayser At Scotts Square

Taking a break during a weekday, I am bringing my wife for a morning movie treat in the Cathay Cineplex in Orchard Road. Before heading for our 11:00am movie, I brought her for a cosy morning breakfast in Maison Kayser at Scotts Square, which is located in the basement. Taking the escalator down to B1, this cafe was really empty and the staffs were busily putting the freshly baked breads onto the trays. Fresh pastries to enjoy in a quiet ambiance for our breakfast. Perfect!

Just a little introduction, Maison Kayser is a 18 year old bakery brand which started back in Paris in 1996 by a French baker and food writer, Eric Kayser, who is highly regarded as one of the best bakers around the world. There are more than 80 bakery outlets internationally and this bakery outlet in Scotts Square is Singapore’s first Maison Kayser branch.



With a wide selection of breads and pastries, I asked for the service staff’s breakfast recommendation. For something sweet and affordable, she recommended us to take the Croissant Set A with comes with two croissants and a cup of hot coffee. For something savory, she would recommend the Croque Monsieur. So, I decided to take her advise and give their food a try.

In the Croissant Set A, it comes with a croissant, a pain au chocolat and a hot latte. My croissant was warm, moist and fluffy on the inside, while the outside of the croissant was really crispy and flaky. Cutting my croissant with a butter knife was easy, probably because it was just baked out of the hot oven. The pain au chocolat has almost the same texture and mouthfeel like my croissant bread, except for the addition of dark chocolates which gives this puffy bread a sweeter taste rather than a buttery flavor of a croissant. This set meal is priced at $6.45.



I will not rate Maison Kayser’s hot latte, which is included in the Croissant Set A, and my cappuccino ($6.26) as one of my list of best coffee cups. The latte and cappuccino lacks the nutty roasted coffee bean aroma and taste lingering on my throat. Instead, I felt that the proportion of milk was too much. With the price of $6.26 for my cappuccino, probably I will skip that and have my morning coffee elsewhere.



Serving hot next for my morning breakfast was the Croque Monsieur, which is priced at $7.48. This bread toast is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, which is commonly served in French cafes. The cheese of this Croque Monsieur from Maison Kayser was evenly spread on the outside and inside, giving it a real cheesy taste in every bite. The only downside of this sandwich was it’s price, which I felt might be a little too expensive for it’s serving size.



With all things considered, Maison Kayser’s first bakery outlet in Scotts Square is a cosy and quiet cafe with comfortable seating during my visit in the morning. Unfortunately, there is no free wifi available. With the huge ovens in their kitchen, most of their pastries are freshly baked in-house. Therefore, going there early will have the chance to enjoy their breads and pastries straight from their hot oven.

There are quite a number of mixed reviews about this bakery outlet from Paris, but I have to admit that my croissant and pain au chocolat were good. If I am going back to this cafe again, I might skip their coffee and try their other taste of French pastries.


Address of my visit
Maison Kayser
#B1-09, Scotts Square, 6 Scotts Road

Opening Hours
Daily: 8:00am to 9:00pm

Telephone: (65) 66363672
Website: http://www.maison-kayser.com


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Dong Po Colonial Cafe

Dong Po Colonial Cafe

In a quiet morning of 56 Kandahar Street, there is a small air-conditioned cafe called Dong Po Colonial Cafe. “Nostalgic, classic and memoir” are the words to describe the furnishing of this cafe when I first entered into it. The old-fashioned grandfather clock, empty glass bottles of soft drinks and posters of the stars in the early years reminds me of my childhood days.

Internally of every wooden tables, antique collectables are displayed and then, they are covered by a layer of glass like a mini exhibition. Although those wooden chairs are quite uncomfortable to sit for a long period of time due to it’s solid surface, putting those wooden chairs complete up the old fashion coffeehouse of the 1960s in Singapore. To touch up on the ambience, Dong Po Colonial Cafe plays old records from the 1960s to 1970s. This cafe really does a great job to reminisce the past of Singapore.



Cakes are definitely my love at the first sight in Dong Po Colonial Cafe. There are quite a selection of these colourful nostalgic cakes to choose from. Those handmade chocolate truffle cakes, cupcakes and tarts will make people of all ages and all walks of life to love them.

To start brightening my breakfast in the morning, I have ordered Dong Po Colonial Cafe’s Chocolate Truffles Slice Cake ($2.20) and their Butterfly Cupcake ($2.00). By purchasing any two pastries below $3.00, I can order their value meal at $5.00 with a cup of hot coffee or hot tea. Here comes my “teh siew dai“.



My wife went “yummy” with the Butterfly Cupcake while my son went nuts with the Chocolate Truffles Sliced Cake. Like those whipped creams on cakes, Butterfly Cupcake’s cream is not just smooth and creamy, but also rich in the taste of milk. That milky taste make this cupcake uniquely special. That spongy texture for the Chocolate Truffles Sliced Cake was excellent. For those who has a sweet tooth, you sure definitely love this chocolate cake.



Who can let go toasted bread with your favorite bread spread. I choose my favorite peanut butter toast meal set that comes with a cup of coffee or tea and 2 eggs at a price of $4.50. The toasted breads are actually quite thin, making the sides of these breads really crispy and flakey. While the breads are still hot, spreading the peanut butter onto the breads makes it melt.



As we can’t get enough of their food, we decided to try a 3 Hole Cookies ($1.90). This traffic lights cookie is made up of 2 slices of butter cookies and stuck them together. This cookie taste buttery and those bright yellow, green and red colours are really sweet.



Besides having Dong Po Colonial Cafe’s pastries, toasts and beverages in their shop, you can even purchase their homemade bread spread to enjoy at home. Keep them refrigerated once open so that they can last up to 3 months. I bought their Kaya and Lemon Curd.



If you want to look for a nice quiet corner in the morning to enjoy your breakfast, I would recommend Dong Po Colonial Cafe. From Bugis MRT station to this cafe will take about 15 minutes of walk. With such good tasty pastries and ambience, I believe that their pastries will be sold out very fast. So, why not wake up early and reach this cafe by 8:00am for a great morning breakfast with freshly brewed coffee?



Address of my visit
Dong Po Colonial Cafe
56 Kandahar Street

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Thursday: 8:00am to 9:00pm
Friday: 8:00am to 10:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am to 10:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am to 9:00pm
Monday: Closed

Telephone: (65) 62981318
Website: https://www.facebook.com/DongPoColonialCafe

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Paris Baguette Cafe At Tampines Mall

Paris Baguette Cafe At Tampines Mall

Yes! Paris Baguette Cafe is now baking pastries and serving meals in the friendly neighborhood of Tampines, the eastern part of Singapore. Located on level one in Tampines Mall and facing the Tampines MRT train station, this bakery cafe was been widely seen during my business trip to Korea last year. Back then, I never got a chance to try the taste of their pastries due to my busy schedule.

This time round, I am heading to Paris Baguette Cafe in Tampines Mall to have their breakfast and of course, coffee. What a great morning to start a yummy breakfast with my family!



At the entrance of Paris Baguette Cafe at Tampines Mall, the beauty of cakes, breads and other pastries are sure to be delightful to many passerby. As this cafe operates in a free seating manner, we chose the seats beside the glass panels, which allow us to see the bakers tossing flours on doughs and decorating pies with fruits.



Ordering of food is like any other cafes such as Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Spinelli, which the food menu is located at the counter. Order the food of your likings, pay for it and a number tag will be given to you. While waiting for our breakfast orders to be served, my little boy was getting really comfortable with the cafe’s cosy seat.



We started our first taste of Paris Baguette Cafe with their glass bottled Strawberry Royal Pudding. This small bottle of strawberry flavored pudding cost $4.00, which might be a little costly but the taste of it sure leaves their customers a good impression of this popular Korea chain cafe. The taste of strawberry and it’s sweetness was just right and the pudding’s texture was really smooth and creamy. Having one pudding bottle is not enough!

Serving up was the Club Sandwich. The ingredients between those lightly toasted breads are bacon, fresh lettuces, chicken, tomatoes and fried egg. When I mentioned fresh lettuce, I really meant fresh and crispy lettuces, not soggy lettuces. The sandwich is then sliced into small rectangular shapes and held together with a stick. Having this Club Sandwich with two hands is not a messy job at all. Potato wedges and a small serving portion of fresh salad completes this meal, which is priced at $12.00. The Club Sandwich was really a nice treat.



There is a new arrival meal in Paris Baguette Cafe’s menu with a wacky name called “I Am A Stick, You Are a Stick, Too.” So what are these sticks? Well, these sticks are referring to the toasted waffle sticks and fried chicken strips. The both of them are then served hot in a basket with slices cucumbers, tomatoes, capsicums and potato chips. Dipped those toasted waffle sticks into the maple syrup and enjoy the morning sugar rush. The portion of this meal serves well for one to two persons and is priced at $16.00



How could I have missed out my hot latte from Paris Baguette Cafe? My cup of hot latte, which cost $6.00, did not disappoint me at all from this bakery house. Excellent aromatic coffee with the right proportions of milk added.

The cafe’s seatings are comfortable but the walkway is not spacious due to the shop area is quite small. I will say the food pricing are like typical cafe pricing. There are plenty of pastries and cakes to choose from and the serving portions of their meals are generous.

The Paris Baguette Cafe at Tampines Mall really made our breakfast an enjoyable one, especially with those entertaining bakers behind the glass panels making funny faces with my little boy.



Address of my visit
Paris Baguette Cafe
#01-32 Tampines Mall Singapore

Opening Hours
Daily: 10:00am to 10:00pm

Telphone: (65) 67437383


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