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Philips AVENT 2-in-1 Electric Steam Steriliser

Many of the parents today surely own an electric steam steriliser at home. If you head to any maternity and baby retailers in Singapore, there are many different brands of steam sterilisers. Based on your preference and budget, all steam sterilisers use natural steam to kill up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria over a short time frame. I believe many of our parents, who are grandparents now, still use the conventional way of sterilising milk bottles. So, what is the…

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Kitchen Parenting

10 Amazing IKEA Products For My Little Kitchen Helper

Sundays don’t have to be always the same. As the weather is getting warmer this mid-year, I am taking our usual Sunday outdoor activities right in the comfort of our home. Last Sunday, I got Kayden to be my little kitchen helper. We will be baking chocolate chip cookies to get ready for the coming new week and our healthy Sunday dinner. Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies Let’s be honest. Every child loves to bake. From squeezing the dough with their…

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Health Parenting

How To Improve Digestion For Your Child

When I found that there is a presence of blood in Kayden’s stools, it freaked me out! Before visiting our paediatrician, he has been having diarrhoea and stomach pain for three consecutive days. There is no sign of fever at all. In a day, Kayden would visit the toilet about five to seven times with watery bowels. After the paediatrician had diagnosed Kayden with a stomach infection, antibiotics are prescribed for him to consume. After two days, there is no…

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Piece Of Peace World Tour Singapore 2017

Yeah! We are happy to visit the Piece Of Peace World Tour by LEGO during their opening. Originated in Japan, Singapore is the first ASEAN country to host this exhibition at Singapore Fort Canning Arts Centre. Featuring a total of 43 UNESCO World Heritage Sites found around the world, these replicas are built using LEGO bricks to raise awareness of these important landmarks found on Earth. The highlights of this exciting exhibition are LOVE EARTH, LOVE ASIA and LOVE ASEAN.…

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Parenting Reviews

What Kayden Did At Forest Adventure Surprises Me

Smart devices like tablets are very useful gadgets because we can get lots of information easily by installing apps in it. Busy parents, like myself, can hand these devices to children and they will be totally engrossed in what is happening on the digital screen. Over the recent months, I realised that long hours of screen time has caused Kayden to be an easily frustrated and emotional young child. For example, when his iPad hangs, he would get very angry…

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Invitations Parenting Singapore

Giving Birth In Mount Alvernia? Eat At Cafe 820 First

When comes to rating a good maternity hospital, many would consider the quality of service, the cost of delivery, the comfort level of the wards and the selections of confinement food served. How about the cafe food or food kiosks available in the maternity hospitals? A good maternity hospital must have delicious and comforting food for all anxious pregnant Mummies-to-be and excited Daddies-to-be. I know this may sound odd, but food soothes our moods and makes us happy. In April…

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