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How Sweet Are Starbucks Christmas Drinks?

From boosting our memory to lowering the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, black coffee can be a healthy beverage. But not all coffee beverages are produced equal especially when comes to Starbucks’ seasonal offerings. Today, Starbucks is a morning routine for millions of individuals around the world to get their caffeine kick. Whenever anyone saw those colourful seasonal offering on the coffee menu, most people will give it a try. After all, since I am stepping into a Starbucks store to…

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Social Media

Facebook Introduces Watch For Original Video Shows

Today is the period of binge video watching. Everyone, including myself, is guilty of getting drawn into episode after an episode such as The Game Of Thrones. Some on-demand watching platforms such as Netflix and YouTube even begin playing the next episode for you! Primetime programs are losing real-time viewership to this hassle-free on-demand watching alternatives available out there today. Apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Google Play stream through video contents nearly on every gadget we own today, such…

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Invitations Reviews Singapore

ENTERTAINER Singapore 2018 Is Here With Cheers 2018 And Bali 2018

With 2017 coming to an end, let me introduce to you my favourite lifestyle app which I enjoy during the weekends with my family and save every dollar spent since 2014. It is ENTERTAINER. If you are not sure what ENTERTAINER is, this is a mobile lifestyle-centric app where you can find exclusive one-for-one deals such as restaurants, hotels and spas all over Singapore. When I know that the ENTERTAINER is releasing their 2018 edition, I am very excited to…

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Dad Tips For Better Digestive Health For Your Baby

As a Dad again with a six-month-old baby, my child’s digestive health has always been my priority. It is very typical for babies to have issues like diarrhoea, constipation and gassiness. Every babies well-being is every families top priority. After my first daddy experiences from my first child, I can say Baby N has not suffered from severe digestive issues during his first six months. Learnt from my mother and doing my research on baby digestion, below are my top…

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Burger King Stackers

Burger fans and meat lovers can now enjoy the return of BURGER KING®‘s Stacker burger, the burger to indulge like a king! Now is the time to thrill your palates. With layers of flame-grilled beef, the BBQ Turkey Bacon Stacker burger is packed with American cheese, crispy turkey bacon, BBQ sauce and finally, sandwiched with a toasted 4-inch sesame seed bun. Did you know that Burger King’s signature beef patties are made with 100% beef, with no preservatives, fillers or…

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Health Invitations

How I Transformed After Just 2 Months with Absolute Slimming

When someone like me shed his double chin and bulging tummy, the most common question I got from my friends is: How did you do it? Most of them assumed I was either doing grueling cardio workouts every week to slay the excess fats, or I was starving myself every day to lose those extra inches. Well, truth be told, these are incorrect guesses to my successful 11kg weight loss done in under two months. As an aside, you can…

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