Full of flowers, Zhong She Flower Market (中社花市) is a tourist attraction in Taichung, Taiwan. This attraction is an excellent travel spot for many flower lovers, macro and landscape photographers. The entrance fee for this botanical garden is NT $250. Amenities located inside Zhong She Flower Market includes ha barbeque grill restaurant, a florist shop and a DIY corner for family activities.

As there is a relationship between flowers and honey bees, a store named Bai Hua Mi (百花迷) is located inside this premise. It sells freshly spun honey which contained in glass bottles. Free honey sampling is also available upon request. You can ask for special packaging so that you can pack these glass bottles of honey in your luggage safely when taking a flight back home.

A lady demonstrated to us on how to identify real honey from a fructose honey. Here are two easy tips: First, when a tablespoon of real honey is mixed with a bottle of plain water, shaking the bottle of the mixture does not create foam, and bubbles will disappear in less than 10 seconds. Second, burning real honey on a wooden skewer stick will only make them melt.




In Zhong She Flower Market, the landscape of flowers is such a lovely sight that many visitors can’t resist themselves from taking photographs together with these flowers. During my visit, there were many photographers taking close up shots of these flowers and landscape photos of this tourist attraction. Small wooden signboards are also planted in the soil together with these flowers, which briefly introduce the species. From far, the tulips seem to be the main attraction in this garden because of their brighter colours, and it’s cup-shaped petals.






Zhong She Flower Market makes an ideal spot for wedding photography as the sea of flowers creates a beautiful and romantic background for loving couples to pose. To better explain myself, I got my little tot to become my model in the midst of the purple lavenders.




To appreciate the flowers in Zhong She Flower Market 中社花市, you will need to set aside 2 hours in your Taichung travel itinerary. Do check out their website link which I provide below for their latest events and weather forecast updates.

Before I sign off, allow me to introduce the Zhong She Flower Market’s three lovely mascots to say goodbye to you.


Address of my visit
Zhong She Flower Market 中社花市
No. 469-13, Sānfēng Rd, Houli District, Taichung City, Taiwan 421

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am – 9:00am

Telephone:(886) 425576926
Web: http://www.flowerjs.com.tw


  1. Hi,are there flowers all yr round…i’m planning to go in Sep n would love to visit this flower market.

  2. I enjoyed reading your Taiwan travelogue. Very detailed and useful tips.
    Keep up the good work.

      1. Hi, a very detailed blog on cingjing to xin she …very nice to reference for my upcoming family trip in last week of Nov..
        May you share the timings from Cingjing to lavender cottage , you set off at what time. .and zhong she hua shi, are these visits done in 1 day? Or its separate days. ..as my itinerary is 1 night at tai chung after we check out cingjing stay.. thus not sure we have sufficient time…
        Also your travel was done in Nov too?
        Many thanks in advance

        1. Hi Jac, thanks for coming to my blog. Well, I visited Cingjing during early February. Most of my days, we set off as early at 9am. As for Lavender Cottage and Zhong She Hua Shi, both are of different days. If you are planning to hire a driver, you can inform him/her and they will help you to plan and maximize your time.

  3. Hi can I visit this place in December? Will there be flowers then? I can’t understand the website you linked as it’s in Chinese. Is there an English version?

    1. Hi there, looking at the weather forecast, the temperature will be from 15 degrees to 25 degrees with some light rain. I think there should be flowers. Hope this helps.

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