Your Guide To Traditional Chinese Hokkien Wedding Customary

Love is in the air soon. Now is the 6th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. In two months time, many Chinese couples will begin celebrating their marriage during the 8th lunar month. The number “8” has always been an auspicious number with good meaning. In Chinese, the pronunciation of “8” resembles the word “發” (fā), which means “prosper”, “success” or “fortune”. When we put two “8” together, we get “88” which resembles the Chinese word “囍” (“shuāng xĭ”). It means “double happiness”. When comes to all traditional Chinese customary and wedding, this Chinese character is the most attractive decorative artwork.

During my wedding planning days, we wanted to keep our special day simple. A morning solemnization and a buffet lunch for families and close friends will be good enough to broadcast our marriage. Unfortunately, when comes to the wedding, our parents were the major decision maker. Probably the most difficult planning stage will be the know-how of the traditional Chinese customary. As there are many different Chinese dialect groups in Singapore, our parents might get the cultures, traditions and practices mixed up. Therefore, finding an experienced Chinese wedding shop is crucial in getting your customary right.

Our forefathers want the best for us. Every item used during a Chinese customary has a meaning and purpose behind it. It is their blessing to us.

Chinese Wedding Shop

Chinese Wedding Shop

What To Do During Betrothal Day 过大礼 And Chinese Hokkien Wedding Day 正日

A Big Thanks to The Chinese Wedding Shop for their guidance and help in making this educational post and video possible. Feel free to visit The Chinese Wedding Shop for any wedding advise.

Although traditional Chinese customary may sound complicated, it is meaningful if you could understand it. From dowry to betrothal, I am going to share with you on what you need to know about traditional Chinese Hokkien Customary. Below are the breakdowns on what you need to buy and infographic for your references.

Items to prepare for Dowry Package 嫁妆:

  1. Wedding Ceremony Tea Set
  2. Wedding Ceremony Bowl Set
  3. Chopsticks
  4. Needle Box Set
  5. Prosperity Lamps
  6. Baby Prosperity Set
  7. Mini Wooden Clogs
  8. Face Towels
  9. Orange Juice
  10. Bride Family Red packet Set
  11. Charcoal
  12. Organza Juice Bags
  13. Organza Prosperity Set Bag
  14. Double Happiness Cloth Bag

Items to prepare for Betrothal Package 过大礼:

  1. Dragon Candles
  2. Phoenix Candles
  3. Hokkien Mi Lao Biscuits
  4. Hokkien Ma Lao Biscuits
  5. Traditional Peanuts Sugee
  6. Cans of Pork Legs in box
  7. Auspicious Wedding Grains
  8. Everlasting Red Cloth
  9. Dragon & Phoenix Tray
  10. Groom Family Red Packet Set
  11. Destiny Discs
  12. Double Happiness Cloth Bag
  13. Traditional Wedding Basket
  14. Double Happiness Stickers
  15. Organza Bags for Alcohol

Chinese Wedding Shop

Chinese Wedding Shop

For a start, I will begin to share with you about the Hokkien customary. If the the response is good, I will proceed with another Chinese dialect group.


Video of Dowry Package in Traditional Chinese Hokkien Customary

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