If anyone plans to have a vacation stay in Australia, the first thing that would be in their list is paying the farm a visit. If that is in your list too, then allow me to share with you my visit to Wonky Windmill and Eco Park.

Recommended by Trip Advisor Australia and sitting on 130 acres of land, Wonky Windmill Farm and Eco Park is the great place for family with children to get the feel of farmhouse experience in Western Australia. With at least 15 different farm animals, it is an excellent place to keep the children entertained and have a fun family outing time. You will get the chance to see and get up close with the farm animals such as rabbits, ponies, llama, bottle feeding of lambs and many more.


The Wonky Windmill.

Recommended by Trip Advisor Australia.


With an entrance fee of $10 AUD for adults, $8 AUD for child and free entry for child under 2 years old, you will be entitled to 2 paper bags of food for these farm animals which includes breads and carrot sticks. Please don’t get overly worried when you see these farm animals charging towards you for food. They are all well-mannered and safely fenced up by barb wires. With those educational boards at each farm animal station, it will definitely makes your visit enjoyable and meaningful.

As Wonky Windmill and Eco Park is a family operated business, they focus a lot on providing their customers “the family orientated experience”. There is a Farm Cafe which sells food, drinks and free tasting of their products like jams and marmalade. During our family visit, we were being offered free hot tea and some homemade scones! Nice!


The pricing of entrance fees and food served in the Wonky Farm cafe.

Wonky Farm’s own product.

Another Wonky Farm’s own product.

A shady sand pit corner with toys for children to play. Nice concept!

Our little boy, Kayden, enjoying his ride in the red car.

Every time we feed the rabbit, the guinea pig will also take a portion of the grass. Best friends really share their food together.

Feeding the Shetland Pony with sticks of carrots.

Some Damara Sheeps on the field, waiting for us to feed them.

A pretty llama.

The white sheep waiting for some food.

A Fallow Deer. Loved those white spots on it’s brown furry body.

These are Emus.

A Muscovy Duck.

These two little pigs will stop moving and pose for me.

Cows under the blue skies.

Before we leave, Mummy and Kayden took a photograph together.


Address of our visit
Wonky Windmill Farm & Eco Park
218 Yelverton Nth Rd
Yelverton, WA 6280

Tel: 9755 7201
Web: www.wonkywindmillfarm.com.au

Opening Hours
10am – 4pm
Open daily except Christmas Day



  1. This farm looks extremely quiet… I like. haha… Nice to have so many different animals to feed. Though yeah, my kids will probably freak out when the animals start charging towards them, drop the food and run.

  2. I also say, no visit to Australia is complete without checking out a farm. ;) I have to ask though, are there cats on site?

    Do they have lodge for visitors to stay over? I can’t seem to find information on that on their website.

    Did Kayden try feeding the animals? My kids loved their time on the farm. Probably the only time I let them go near animals without much freaking out on my side. Haha!

    1. No cats in my memory and I doubt there is any lodging services because there is only a small house. The rest of the land is catered for the farm animals.

      Well, Kayden did attempt to try to feed the big farm animals but he freaked out most of the times. He only loves to feed the rabbits. :)

  3. Farm stays are a must when we tour Australia. Thanks for sharing this farm! Where did you put up in Western Australia? We have not been there and any itinerary or accommodation recommendation would be really appreciated! :D

    1. We actually traveled down from Perth of Busselton. Basically, we stayed in one home stay in Perth and one resort in Busselton. The home stay in Perth is called “Istana Alfred Cove” and ran by our fellow Singaporeans. Very friendly people. For Busselton, we stayed in Aqua Resort Busselton. These two stays can accommodate up to 10 people.

  4. Your beautiful photos tell it all! I can imagine the clear blue skies and green grassland already. Never visit Australia before and hope to have a chance in the future.

    1. No entering allowed but by looking at them by the fence, it is pretty up close and personal experience. I doubt I will enter because I am afraid those farm animals will chase me. Hahaha.

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