What Special Power Did The Red Jewel Have?

There is always something magical about LEGO. With imagination, anyone can build their beautiful masterpiece from scratch by using these colourful bricks. My first LEGO was more than twenty years ago. Back then, the designs were simpler, and the choice of colours was limited.

Today, LEGO is part of my child’s toy collection, and there are many themes to choose from such as LEGO City, LEGO Technic and LEGO Architecture. Every series is designed for different age groups, making it the best toy for all ages. My personal favourite LEGO series is Creator.

Welcome To LEGO City Jungle

I can understand how Kayden felt when he got his hands on this box of LEGO City Jungle (60159 – Jungle Halftrack Mission). The excitement of creating and completing something gives him a sense of accomplishment. What interested him was the truck with back wheel tracks and a chain because he loves trucks and sports cars. Now, it’s time to step into our jungle adventure!


When we opened up our LEGO City Jungle, our first step was to find the mini instruction guides. Both Kayden and I love these visually colourful booklets because they are our secret manuals to complete our mission!


Designed for kids aged six to twelve, building our jungle adventure LEGO is relatively easy. There are three instruction guides and four packs of loose bricks in the box. The cover of the guide shows the final LEGO build set, while the inside indicates which package to be used. When building, it is all about paying attention to the instructions carefully.



Daddy, we should start from instruction book one and pack one,” said Kayden. With pack number one torn open, the both of us followed the instructions closely. After we had completed instruction book number one, we moved on to the next book.



Piece by piece, we created the truck, ATV and the temple. Together, we finished our LEGO Jungle Adventure in an hour. Both of us are so focused on our LEGO adventure that we forgot about the time. What’s next? Time to play and create adventure stories!


While playing, Kayden created a fascinating story which I would like to share. His story goes like this:

One day, Daddy and Mummy decided to step into the jungle in search of the sacred Red Jewel. With its magical power, the Red Jewel can turn anything into chocolate. Many explorers failed to steal this magical jewel from the temple because of its guardian, the Red Spider. A bite from this venomous spider is instant death for anyone.

When Daddy and Mummy were exploring the jungle, a black panther pounced on Daddy! Using a walkie-talkie, Mummy sent a distress signal to Kayden. “Signal received!” said Kayden. Immediately, Kayden teleported his latest and most hi-tech vehicles, an ATV and a truck, into the jungle. Programmed with excellent artificial intelligence, the ATV and truck saved Daddy and Mummy from the black panther.

Suddenly, the Red Spider appeared. Mummy took the camera and blinded the spider using the camera flash. Daddy hopped into the truck, chained the Red Jewel and stole it! After the camera’s flash blinded the Red Spider, Mummy drove off in the ATV.

With the help from Kayden, Daddy and Mummy teleported back home safely together with the Red Jewel.


What’s New With LEGO City Jungle

This year, step into the jungle adventure with LEGO City. There are seven new designs to choose from: Jungle Buggy, Jungle Starter Set, Jungle Cargo Helicopter, Jungle Halftrack Mission, Jungle Mobile Lab, Jungle Exploration Site and Jungle Air Drop Helicopter. Each of these LEGO City Jungle sets has their own story to create.

For example, the Jungle Exploration Site tells the story of a missing plane while the Jungle Air Drop Helicopter wants us to transport goods from the jungle waters to the air. There’s always something new to find in the LEGO City Jungle.

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