Toothaches can happen to pregnant mothers for any reasons and anytime. Due to high hormonal levels, pregnant mothers are more prone to get dental inflammations, tooth fractures or a toothache. Other reasons that could have caused these oral discomforts can be changes in diet and lack of calcium. Due to these reasons, pregnant mothers will suffer from sensitive gums, gums irritations and toothache. Known as pregnancy gingivitis, pregnant mothers are advised to visit a dentist when such dental problems occur.

Last week, my wife was suffering from a very bad toothache due to a fractured molar tooth. Happened only during the late evening, her toothache was a constant pain which affected her sleep during the night. Due to pregnancy reason, our family dentist advised her to visit a dental specialist for a root canal treatment also known endodontics. The reasons are due to safe medication options and better dental equipment for pregnant mothers.

Fortunately, my wife managed to book a next day dental appointment at Roots! Advanced Endodontics ( Located in Novena Medical Center, we met up with Dr Tan Peng Hui who is a root canal specialist. Throughout the 1.5 hours of dental treatment for my wife, Dr Tan welcomed me to sit in and watch his root canal treatment ‘live in action’.

From this dental experience, my wife and I have learnt a lot from Dr Tan. As a Daddy blogger, I would love to share this information so that pregnant mums can understand dental problems better and dump those myths into the trash bin.

What Causes A Toothache?

When there is a broken tooth, loose filling or receding gums, bacteria could access the dental pulp which is the innermost layer of the tooth. The dental pulp is a soft tissue where sensitive nerves and blood vessels are present. A toothache will happen will the dental pulp gets inflamed and swollen. Do keep in mind that when a toothache occurs more than two days, you are required to see a dentist before the condition gets more severe.



Why Toothache Happens At Night?

The reason for a nocturnal toothache is due to the pressure of lying down during bed time. By sleeping in an elevated position will help to ease the pain. The main reason for a toothache is due to decay or inflammation in the jaw area.

Can I Take Pain Killers To Ease My Toothache?

Yes, but it is not recommended. The only painkiller pregnant mothers can take is Panadol. It is best to visit a dentist to get the toothache fix.

Is It Safe For Pregnant Mums To See A Dentist?

Yes! It is important to let the dentist know that you are pregnant. During such circumstances, you might be required to visit a dental specialist due to safer medication options and better dental equipment. Please note that pregnant women tend to bleed more during dental surgery such as root canal treatment. X-rays should be avoided.

Are Pregnant Mums Safe To Take Anaesthesia?

Yes. Usually, the dentist will keep the anaesthesia to the minimum so that the patient will be comfortable throughout the process of the treatment.

What To Expect After A Dental Treatment Like Root Canal Treatment?

Pregnant mums will expect some soreness for a couple days. The level of soreness at the jaw area is lesser than a toothache. Oral hygiene is still necessary after the dental treatment. Pregnant mums will be expected to head back to visit the root canal specialist after giving birth to complete the final root canal treatment.


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