People always said that “when your water bag break, don’t panic. Stay cool, pack your suitcase and enjoy a good meal before admitting into the hospital.” Probably they should also add, “don’t worry about the mess on the floor at home. Get your husband to clean it up.

As our hospital bag is packed two weeks ahead of the Estimated Delivery Date (EDD), my wife and myself are more prepared and less panic when the water bag broke. This is the rule of thumb. There were no contractions felt, just messy water stains on the floor.

Despite this is my second child, both scenarios are different. Kayden was induced while Baby N has its water bag break. Before admitting into the hospital, my wife and I had our lunch at Mount Alvernia’s cafeteria before heading to the delivery ward at level 3.

First-time Dads will have lots of questions on how would it be like in the delivery ward, what roles do they play and how they could help their wives in labour pain. As this is my second time, I would love to share my experiences in the delivery ward. Relax and enjoy the below tips.

Enjoy Your Coffee Before The PUSH!

When I am writing this paragraph, I am dead serious. Dads, please enjoy the free flow beverage dispenser before the delivery begins. The moment when the nurses shouted, “Here comes the next contraction. PUSH!“, you must have the energy to shout out loud and let your wife squeeze your arms tightly. Ouch!

Keep Your Wife Hydrated

Although my wife was given saline to prevent dehydration, six or more hours without consuming water to hydrate the throat and mouth can get uncomfortable. Therefore, don’t forget to grab a cup of water (with straw) for your wife when you are enjoying your coffee or tea.

Be The Funny Husband

Pregnant wives can get panic and anxious in the delivery wards. What I did was to keep talking to my wife, crack some jokes and watched television together to shift her troubled mind away. This will make her more relax.

Take Note Of The Medical Procedures

When my wife is stuck on the bed with needles, I took the time to take notice on the drips given to my wife, settings on the medical equipment, tubes of epidural used, any assisted delivery tools used and the nurses on duty. This is to ensure my wife and baby are in safe hands. Finally, no extra charges on the hospital bills.

When The Baby Is Out

Taa-Dah! My baby is out, but my story doesn’t end here. After the nurse has placed my crying newborn to the warmer in the delivery ward, I would need to ensure that my baby is tagged correctly with my wife’s particulars.

Measurements such as weight, length, the circumference of the head, body temperature and oxygen levels are the necessary checks. When in doubt, ask the nurse or the paediatrician. Don’t ask the gynae because he or she will be busy stitching and cleaning up the mess.

Register Your Baby

While my gynae is busy, I followed the nurse to register my newborn baby in the nursery room. Besides vaccination, I also opted for Hearing Test and Metabolic Screen. These medical examinations will give my wife and myself a peace of mind on the health condition of our newborn. Our paediatrician will follow up with us on the results the next day.

My Final Thoughts

The whole labour process took nearly eight hours. I am happy that my gynae, Dr Loke Kah Leong, did an excellent job in making sure my wife and newborn baby are safe in his hands. The above mentions tips are from my personal experiences. If you would like to share some of your tips, do feel free to comment below.


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