After getting a glimpse of our new house, my wife and myself decided to bring Kayden to the newly constructed Tampines playground in our neighborhood. We were under the blazing late morning sun and having lots of fun in this playground. Kayden’s favorite was the yellow slide but his attention was quickly drawn away when he saw a pair of binoculars which he believes he could watch some flying birds from afar. Like a little explorer, he peeked into it, got excited and said, “Oh! Many birds flying!” Then he slide down, climbed the steps up and peeked into the binoculars again and said, “Oh! Many birds flying!” This binoculars scene kept repeating until Mama said, “Time to play something else.” So were there many birds flying? Nope, just his cheeky imaginations.

The spinning tub? I am not sure what is the name for this blue tub play thing, but Kayden truly enjoyed spinning this blue tub and shout “waaaahhhh!” into it. Probably, the reason was shouting into this tub creates some echoes and amplify his voice. Kayden find this fascinating. While this blue tub is used for sitting and spinning in circles, he just enjoyed shouting into it.


New Playground Photography


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