Two Wings – The Fried Chicken Wings You Can’t Resist

Singapore’s favourite salted egg yolk fried chicken wing has finally landed on the eastern side of Singapore, Downtown East. Led by Jeremy Loh, the founder and owner of Two Wings, his third restaurant wants families and individuals from the East to savour his 1970s secret recipe. Jeremy’s first two outlets are at Timber+ and Essen At The Pinnacle.

To sell delicious chickens to his customers, Jeremy must first love and understand chickens. He started his culinary journey as a chicken rice seller. Two Wings began in 2013 after Jeremy learnt from his granduncle on how to prepare and fry chickens to give that 1970s nostalgic flavour. Time has changed, so did the food menu. Today, most of the food items are his food creations.


Two Wings at Downtown East can accommodate up to 100 pax comfortably. While the indoor settings are warm and friendly, the outdoor is buzzing with laughter because of the Wild Wild Wet.


What’s On The Menu

Two Wings has a great list of finger foods for their customers. The restaurant serves Truffle Fries ($9.90), Mozzarella Cheese Sticks ($9.90), Popcorn Chicken ($8.90) and Mantou With Chili Crab Dip ($3). For a restaurant which is family-friendly, no kids will say no to these munchies!

Naming them Heritage, Salted Egg Yolk and Chilli Crab, these are the iconic and savoury fried chicken wings prepared using the 40-year-old secret recipe. With two sides to choose from to complete a meal, 4pcs is $8.90, 6pcs is $12.90 and 9pcs $12.90. The sides include French Fries, Onion Rings, Coleslaw, Sweet Corn and Fragrance Rice.


Locally inspired, these three flavours of fried chicken wings have their own taste identity. Crispy on the outside, the Heritage fried chicken wings has that taste of childhood memories. To give that additional kick to our taste buds, Jeremy has made a special dipping sauce from scratch. When I first dipped the wings into the sauce, my first reaction was, “This is chicken rice chilli sauce!“.


Those golden wings just look so irresistible! Well received by the media and customers, Two Wing’s Salted Egg Yolk fried chickens wings are full of flavour and juicy inside.


Semi-sweet and spicy, Jeremy has brought Singapore’s favourite seafood into his menu. These Chilli Crab fried chicken wings are slurping delicious! If you are allergic to seafood, don’t worry. There are no seafood ingredients in this chilli crab sauce! Just grab one wing, taste it and I bet you will ask for more.


To add more varieties to the food menu, Jeremy has also include set meals such as the Boneless Chicken ($10.90), Chicken Wrap ($10.90) and Chicken Burger ($8.90) where customers can get to choose Heritage, Salted Egg Yolk or Chilli Crab flavour. Exclusively at Downtown East outlet, the Grill Chicken Chop is the new item coming soon on the menu.


What’re My Thoughts On Two Wings At Downtown East

The right way to enjoy Two Wings fried chicken is to use your hands. It is tough for me to pinpoint which flavour is the best because each of them has its unique flavour and texture.

I love the idea that customers can choose to have their food to be in Heritage, Salted Egg Yolk or Chilli Crab flavours. Therefore, if I crave for salted egg flavour, I can request my Boneless Chicken to be prepared using salted egg sauce. Now my craving is 100% satisfied.


So, if you have plans to visit Downtown East for a weekend resort stay or even Wild Wild Wet with your family or friends, do check out Two Wings at Level 2.

After you had your first fried chicken wing in Two Wings, you will realise that one just isn’t enough.

Address of my visit
Two Wings
Pasir Ris Downtown East
E! Avenue, #02-321/322
Singapore 519599


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