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Lavender Cottage: Lavender Festival 2014

This is the first part of Lavender Cottage’s Lavender festival in Xinshe, Taichung, in 2014. (Click here for the second part)   Located somewhere in the hills of Taichung, where no one will go to in the past, lies…

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I Na Ko Dining Restaurant In Cingjing, Taichung

Heading for our lunch after the misty visit to Small Swiss Garden in Cingjing (click here), we traveled 7.7 km down south to this small restaurant, which took us 15 minutes of driving. This restaurant is called I Na…


Small Swiss Garden In Cingjing, Taichung

The Small Swiss Garden, or 小瑞士花園, was the first tourist attraction my family and myself went to during our first day in Cingjing. This attraction has two nicknames, which are “Taiwan’s Little Switzerland” and “Paradise in the mist”. Personally,…


Misty Villa In Cingjing Taiwan

My family and I touched down at Taoyuan International Airport at 5:30AM, and it was drizzling in the early morning with a cold temperature of 12 degrees Celsius. Exiting the Taiwan custom was smooth because we are invited by…


Taiwan Travel 2012: Wulai’s Pause Landis

As we travelled up to Wulai (烏來) from Xindian MRT Station by taxi which cost us 500NT$, the weather was turning much cooler as compared to Taipei main city. When I reached the Wulai district, the first impression that…