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Taichung’s Top 3 No Entrance Fees Attractions

When planning for a holiday trip to other countries, most of the time we will spend hours deciding which are the best areas to visit and set aside budgets for the entrance fees for those tourist attractions. Occasionally, I…


Strawberry Plucking In Miaoli County Taichung

If you plan to fly to Taichung for the plucking of strawberries, you have got to plan your trip between the months of December to April. These are the best months for strawberry harvesting. As Miaoli County in Taichung…


Zhong She Flower Market 中社花市 In Taichung

Full of flowers, Zhong She Flower Market (中社花市) is a tourist attraction in Taichung, Taiwan. This attraction is an excellent travel spot for many flower lovers, macro and landscape photographers. The entrance fee for this botanical garden is NT…


Rainbow Village In Taichung

While Taiwan has beautiful bing lang mei (betel nut beauty) and yummy quick bites in the crowded night markets, there is a magical colourful realm which I would like to introduce to my readers in my blog. This colourful…


Carton King Creativity Park Of Taichung

Regardless if the carton boxes back in your store room from your recent purchases are made up of corrugated cardboard or plastic materials, these boxes can be transformed into many interesting artworks, dining accessories, gadgets and even furnitures. With…

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4 Places To Visit From Cingjing To Taichung

After spending two days and one night in Cingjing’s Misty Villa, my family and myself will be departing this misty and green town with friendly native people to Taichung. With the taxi uncle driving us down the mountains, we…