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5 Things To Do With Your Child In Kyushu

Our autumn road trip in Kyushu was fun! Besides the long hours of car ride which could be quite dreading for many of us, the attractions we visited showed the beauty and uniqueness of Kyushu. Out of the city…


Why We Love LINE FRIENDS & Cafe In Fukuoka?

Cute, fun loving and playful. That’s the impression of what LINE FRIENDS Cafe & Store gave me during my visit in November 2016. Located in Kyushu’s Fukuoka, this official LINE merchandise store and cafe open its doors to public…


5 Best Hotels To Make You Experience Kyushu

Throughout my 10 days of family travel in Kyushu, we have travelled the 8 prefectures of this Japanese island and stayed in 8 different hotels. An average of 5 hours drive is required to travel from one prefecture to…


8 Hidden Gems In Kyushu You Might Not Know

Located closest to South Korea, Kyushu (九州) is Japan’s third largest island located in the southwestern part of the country. Apart from having a warmer climate than the rest of the Japanese states, Kyushu also belongs to an active…


2016 World’s Safest Airlines

Planning for a year-end holiday out of Singapore? Seen lots of cheap airline ticket deals but not sure how safe is the airline? With the help from, you can easily find out how safe is the airline you…

South Korea Travel - What to expect In Everland
South Korea

What To Expect In Everland Theme Park

Many of us know about Disneyland, Legoland or even Universal Studios. These are popular amusement theme parks among tourists, especially children. But, have you heard before Everland located in South Korea? If you have never heard about it, this…