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We can’t protect ourselves fully from epidemics or unfortunate mishaps, but we can protect our financials by minimizing the medical expenses when uncertainties happen. While most people feel that buying an insurance is an expense or even a waste of money, I feel otherwise. Despite insurance plans are not the most exciting product to buy, but when comes to unforeseen circumstances, insurance can be an asset when responding to claims such as medical bills, accidents or even death.

Since we as parents are always busy with our daily working lives, we need to stay focus and on track to make sure ourselves and our love ones are protected when mishaps happens. With a proper protection, it eases my worries and focus on my journey as a Super Dad. As a Dad, besides my monthly expenses and savings, I spent 10% insurance deductibles for myself and 5% insurance deductibles for my boy every month. This is a total of 15% of my monthly paycheck. Therefore, when comes to buying an insurance plan, it is important to find plans which offers flexibility based on your needs and simple to understand.

Tokio Marine Insurance has launch two simple to understand protection policy, the TM Protect PA and TM Legacy LifeFlex.


Understanding Tokio Marine Protect PA and Legacy LifeFlex

The TM Protect PA is a yearly renewable insurance policy which provides financial assistance in the events of accidental death, disability, dismemberment and injury. Covers all ages up to 70 years old, this policy covers medical problems such as dengue fever, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) and food poisoning, all with enhancement.

Therefore, if you are looking for affordable insurance coverage and to ease hefty medical bills due to accident, the TM Protect PA is a great choice. This policy do not create wealth accumulation and death coverage due to non-accidental causes.

Looking for flexibility to increase insurance coverage? Then, TM Legacy LifeFlex could be an option to consider based on your needs. Covered against death, Terminal Illness (TI) and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), the plan is for actively employed people who wish to enjoy a higher protection cover and want to receive income for life from 65 years old.

The TM Legacy LifeFlex offers protection coverage of up to 10 times, guaranteed premiums during Critical Illness (CI) and the EarlyCare covers 104 medical conditions or procedures.

To make things simpler for my Daddy readers, I have layout an infographic about these two policies. Hope this makes information much easier to understand.


Tokio Marine Insurance Protection
Protect those who matter the most with Tokio Marine Insurance with TM Protect PA and TM Legacy LifeFlex.


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