Sunday At The East Coast Beach

With the weather sunny and windy, Sunday was a perfect day to spend our family day at the East Coast Beach in the morning. My wife got Kayden well-protected with sunscreen lotion and we have packed Kayden’s sand building toys, which we bought from Daiso for $2, into our barang barang bag pack. Our barang barang bag normally includes Kayden’s diapers and towels in case he poops. ;)

We took a taxi and the uncle dropped us at the food market. The sea reflected the clear blue skies above and there were a lot of ships floating on the waters. Kayden was very excited to see that beautiful sight and he kept saying “Clock! Clock!”, with his fingers pointing at the big stationary ships. My wife started singing “A sailor went to sea sea sea. To see what he could see see see …”, a popular nursery rhyme which we often sing to Kayden.

Holding Kayden’s hands, we walked towards the sands and I took out his sand building toys. Kayden was so excited because he saw his favorite colour from the toys. He shouted “Gleen! Gleen!”. Immediately, he snatched the toys away from my hands. I showed my little boy how to play with the sands using the toys and he really enjoyed it. From his endless drooling, my wife and myself can see that Kayden was engrossed on digging the sands using his new set of toys. I love to watch him clapped his hands to get rid of the sands clinging onto his tiny palms.




While Kayden was sitting down and playing with the sands, all of the sudden, my wife raised her voice saying, “Red ants! A colony of red ants!” She started to swipe her legs like 20 times non-stop real fast, just like the way I played Infinity Blade on my phone. With an unhappy face, she embraced her fear of the red ants and walked towards them to take a macro shot of them. Hmmm … I thought she hated them?


“Dig dig dig. I am shifting all the sands towards me with my new gleen toys!”


“Smile Kayden!” *snap


The day was perfect for everyone to do their activities like cycling, water sports, jogging and family outings. We had 2 cups of ice cold sugarcane juice with slices of lemon. That really cools and refreshes our morning under the hot sun. When going back home, Kayden was fast asleep in the baby carrier, or kangaroo pouch. It was a tiring but fun Sunday!

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mummys!


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