The month of October is going to be the month of laughter. Screening this October, RTL CBS Entertainment brings two of our favorite “Friends” stars on the television screen, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry. Matt LeBlanc will be casting in “Man With A Plan” and Matthew Perry will be casting in the season 3 of “The Odd Couple”.

Parenting Lessons From Man With A Plan

Starring the Golden Globe Award winner, Matt LeBlanc, this is a heart-warming family comedy about Adam Burns, a contractor, who decides to spend more time with his three lovely children. His wife, Andi Burns, heads back to work after being a stay-at-home mother for 13 years. Andi Burns is acted by Liza Snyder. Of course, the children are extremely happy because Dad is now in-charge with his “Daddy Fun Times”.



Adam thinks that parenting is easy until he had bumped into some tricky issues with his three children. The three children expected Adam to be exactly like Mum, while Adam expected his three children to be totally obedient. Soon, Adam discovers that parenthood is not always a smooth and easy ride. Eventually, the three children wanted Mum to be back at home.

The pressure from the children is mounting on Adam. He wanted his wife to quit her job, take care of the children and do up all the household chores. Unfortunately, Andi is very happy with her job and she encourages Adam to find his ways on handling the little ones.

So, can Adam nail his role as a Dad and truly be in-charge of the house?


Love Is In The Air With The Odd Couple Season 3

The Odd Couple stars Matthew Perry (as Oscar Madison) and Thomas Lennon (as Felix Unger) in this friendship and love comedy. As two former college buddies, Oscar lets Felix moved into his apartment but fears that this would be a terrible mistake. Oscar and Felix are two totally different people, one who doesn’t care about his surrounding and one who is a clean freak.


Living together with his new life with Felix, Oscar is dating other women despite he can’t move on from his previous marriage. Felix finds his new love Emily, their next door neighbor, after divorcing his wife. Oscar and Felix are both friends who often disagree with each other but they are willing to help each other to move on from their divorces.

So, can Oscar and Felix get over their past romances, find new ones and carry on with their lives on the Season three of The Odd Couple?


When And Where To Watch These Two Comedy Shows?

The parenting comedy, Man With A Plan series, premieres on October 28, 9pm (8pm JKT/BKK). The friendship and love comedy, The Odd Couple Season 3, premieres on October 21, 9:30pm (8:30pm JKT/BKK). Be the first and exclusive to watch these series on RTL CBS Entertainment (Starhub TV Channel 509 and Singtel TV CH318).


*Photographs from RTL CBS Asia Entertainment


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