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Cufflinks For Valentine’s Day

Cufflinks. They are small ornaments that close up your long-sleeve shirt cuff. The last time I put on a pair of cufflinks was during my wedding day. Gosh! That’s nearly 7 years ago! I could remember it was a…

Parenting Reviews

The Secret Inside My $60 Berries Reader Pen

Chinese can be a scary subject to many children these days. Unlike English words which phonics could help in pronunciations, those “dots”, “strokes” and “angles” which form a Chinese character makes it unreadable to a child. From road signs…


Nucleus: The Smart Home Trend

If you haven’t heard, “smart devices” are growing more and more common. Every year it seems like a new household device is becoming internet-connected and offering lots of modern features. There’s a new internet-connected fridge from Samsung that has…

Kitchen Reviews

Why Tefal Expertise Makes Pancakes Better

Pancakes. They are perfect for any occasion because adults and children love them. They are fluffy, tender in the middle and crispy on the edges. Best of all, pancakes are stackable. During this last week of 2016, my wife…