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Kitchen Reviews

Why Tefal Expertise Makes Pancakes Better

Pancakes. They are perfect for any occasion because adults and children love them. They are fluffy, tender in the middle and crispy on the edges. Best of all, pancakes are stackable. During this last week of 2016, my wife…


Colombian and Mandheling Coffee Blends By ESSENSO

ESSENSO MicroGround Black Coffee is the most current addition to the ESSENSO line of microground coffee. After the successful launch of ESSENSO MicroGround Coffee 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 back in 2015, this new family is the platinum class of instant…


World’s First 360 Video Recording Sunglasses

Look no further as fiction is now a reality. ORBI brings the World’s first sunglasses with 360-degree recording capability. Naming it ORBI Prime and selling on Indiegogo, this is the ultimate combination of sports camera technology and fashion wearable.…

Health Reviews

Four Superfoods That Are Good For Your Health

Superfood is the term used for densely nutritious foods which are beneficial to our health. These superfoods usually are plant-based, have large amounts of minerals and vitamins which could help us to prevent illness. This eventually lead us to…