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After going to Universal Studio Singapore, my wife and myself decided to head to the Maritime Experiential Museum and Marine Life Park. The theme for the Maritime Experiential Museum is the “Pirates of The East” and we visited the Marine Life Park on the second day of the grand opening ceremony. Both attractions are relating the experiences above and below the sea. So, if you are buying the tickets for Universal Studio Singapore or Marine Life Park, they both came with the bundle of the Maritime Experiential Museum. Each ticket cost $29.

When you enter the Maritime Experiential Museum, the first thing you will definitely notice is the gigantic Chinese designed ancient ship by the historic voyager Admiral Zheng He. There is an amphitheater, which has a movie screen that shows his historical sea travel from China, how he defeated the pirates at the Straits of Malacca and Sumatra and his exploration to Africa. You can stepped into the replica of his ship and explore the within.


Sit, relax and enjoy the movie.

There is a cafeteria inside the museum. Grab your food and drinks here!

A paranoma side view using my iPhone 5.


A short description on the weapons the pirates used during the ancient times. Never underestimate the pirates as they have guns too.

In the museum, there is this interesting touch screen computer for visitors to design their own pottery. This is my design and was “auction” at $85 only.

Soft toys sold inside the ship. Burberry’s checkered plush dogs anyone?

“Under the sea, under the sea …”

I love the soft colours of these cute baby octopus.

Expensive radio-only function.

TWG tea sold in the shop also. I saw the Singapore Breakfast Tea. Hmmm … I have never tried that before.

Guitar Hero anyone?

Going down to the Marine Life Park.


The Marine Life Park, or the S.E.A Aquarium, resembles the Underwater World Singapore. Many of these marine lives are kept inside huge tanks with blue lightings that gives an underwater feeling in this low-lighted underground park. There are open concept tanks which allows visitors to touch the starfishes with the help of the volunteer workers. Do note that this park is like a maze, so watch out for the exit sign to guide you out of the marine park.


This is the entrance of the Marine Life Park.

This is an underwater tank tunnel. During my visit, it was packed with tourists. I capture this photograph about 2 hours later.

There are explanations of every sea creatures beside their tanks.

This tank is about 10 meters tall, housing this big corral and fishes.


Happy jellyfishes swimming in the blue lighted water.

“Anyone want to touch this starfish?”

“I am stuck for good.”


The main attraction in this marine park is a 3 times larger than movie screen size tank which house many gigantic sea creatures such as the stingrays and sharks. There is a restaurant inside which you can enjoy your meal while watching the sea creatures swim slowly and bean bags are provided which allows viewers to lie down and watch the sea animals swim. It is a magnificent and beautiful view which slows my life down on a Saturday weekend.




Between the Maritime Experiential Museum and the Marine Life Park, I would prefer the Marine Life Park because of the beautiful sea creatures and I can feel a lot of effort, time and passion are focus to make this aquarium park possible. It is definitely worth a pay a visit!


A Christmas tree with wishes written on the paper designed fishes by visitors.


Address of my visit
S.E.A Aquarium
Resorts World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

Telephone: 6577 8888


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