Dripped and dropped. Those raindrops falling from the grey skies above was such a beautiful sight. Breathing the air during the rainfall feels so much cooler and fresher. Thanks to Mother Nature, we have rain.

We were stuck in the middle of nowhere and trying to shelter ourselves from the rain. There was no nearby supermarket or convenience store which I can buy an umbrella and walked to the nearby bus stop, which Google Map said it was 300 meters away. All we can do was to wait for the rain to get smaller.

Every children loves rain, so do Kayden. Even grown ups likes us loves rain, sometimes. Standing under the shelter and taking little steps, Kayden got nearer to the falling rain and stretches out his arms wide open trying to grab hold of them. We did not stopped him. Instead I gave my camera to my wife, and asked her to take a nice photograph of Kayden. This was what she got.



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