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How Healthy Is A Glass Of Milk?

Milk is the only beverage that can work as a meal during the early stages of childhood and is a healthy beverage during the adult years. Today, there are at least 3 different varieties of milk on the supermarket…


10 Good Parenting Habits That Might Actually Be Bad

Recently, I have an over-the-coffee catch up with my friends who are parents themselves. The most engaging topic during our meetup is about our children. We exchange ideas about nutrition, education and our children’s future. We came to an…

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The Secret Inside My $60 Berries Reader Pen

Chinese can be a scary subject to many children these days. Unlike English words which phonics could help in pronunciations, those “dots”, “strokes” and “angles” which form a Chinese character makes it unreadable to a child. From road signs…

Health Parenting

What Pregnant Mums Need To Know About Toothache

Toothaches can happen to pregnant mothers for any reasons and anytime. Due to high hormonal levels, pregnant mothers are more prone to get dental inflammations, tooth fractures or a toothache. Other reasons that could have caused these oral discomforts…