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Dad Tips For Better Digestive Health For Your Baby

As a Dad again with a six-month-old baby, my child’s digestive health has always been my priority. It is very typical for babies to have issues like diarrhoea, constipation and gassiness. Every babies well-being is every families top priority.…


How To Encourage Your Child To Read

I believe that education is one of the most valuable gifts I can offer to my children. For my kids to learn effectively in their later academic lives, they must learn how to read and understand at a young…

Health Parenting

Make Quaker Oats Your Daily Healthier Choice

When comes to nutritional and high fibre breakfast, Quaker is one of my family’s trusted brand. My wife and I love Quaker instant oats because they are the easiest to prepare. Just add hot water, and in two minutes,…


How Educational Toys Can Help Your Toddler

When comes to early child development, every parent wants to give their child a heads-up. Today, there are many educational toys available in the retail toy stores which can promote mental, physical and motor skills. These toys can also…