The weather in Perth was cold in the morning and there was some light “on and off” drizzle of rain. The whole family woke up early and have breakfast together in our rented house, Istana Alfred Cove. My mother-in-law woke up early to prepare breakfast for the family. Simple breakfast that includes scrambled eggs with chops of ham and toasted breads.

Our morning’s first destination was to visit the Caversham Wildlife Park. With the traffic not congested, driving down from Istana Alfred Cove to this wildlife park took 20 minutes. That’s a smooth ride!


The direction to Caversham Wildlife Park.


When we reached the Caversham Wildlife Park, we quickened our pace to the ticketing booth to purchase our entrance tickets to catch the farm show, which was starting at 10:00am. During our 5 minutes walk from the ticketing booth to the farm show, we get to see many fenced up wildlife animals such as baby kangaroos, beautiful birds and furry white sheep in their playground.


A proud looking bird.

Baby kangaroo grazing the grasses.


The farm show was very informative. The presenter demonstrated to us how a farmer does the shearing of the sheep’s wool in just 5 minutes, while keeping the wool in one good unbroken piece. Each sheep’s wool, or fleece, is sold at $2.50 AUD (that’s how much the farmers get paid) and then, the fleece were packed and exported to China to manufacture clothing that would cost $1000 AUD. The farm show also includes a spectacular show on how a sheep dog helps the farmer to get the sheep organised, making sure they don’t wander too far away. Other events include trying the billy tea, cracking the whip and milking the cow.


What is billy tea? A billy refers to the metal can or pail with a wire handle. What the early Australians does was to boil water using the billy, followed by adding loose tea leaves and allow the tea leaves to settle. To allow the floating tea leaves to settle down to the bottom of the billy, the billy is swung 360 degrees in circles with one arm locked and straight. This method will forced the tea leaves to settle down to the bottom of the billy. *Please do not try this at home.


Shearing the sheep is done once a year. As the blades are moving really fast, it is very important to make sure not to hurt the sheep.

A perfect piece of fleece.

Kayden’s uncle doing the billy tea! He made it!

Cracking the whip is not an easy task.

Children have the chance to feed the lambs with milk bottles.

Milking the cow.

Kayden’s aunt teaching him how to pat a baby animal.


The farm show lasted for 30 minutes, after which, the spectators can take a closer look of the farm animals. We headed down to catch the next show, “Meet the Wombat and friends”, starting at 11:00am. As the time was still early, we decided to take a stroll in the park and take a look at the farm animals as well as enjoying the cool and sunny day.




Cute little guinea pigs.

Kangaroos having fun.

This colourful bird flew towards us and I took a close up photograph of it immediately.

The name suits this bird very well.

Sleeping bats in their cage.

Another sleepyhead, the koala bear.

This bird was standing with just one feet.


Here comes the Wombat show!


Saw the big flurry animal? That’s the wombat. The presenter told us that we can pat the wombat anywhere, except for it’s whiskers. The whiskers are their sensors, therefore they are sensitive.

I loved the bright green colour for this bird. Beautiful.

The owl was staring at it’s caretaker.


We had spend 3 hours exploring the Caversham Wildlife Park and we enjoyed it very much because we can get up close with these animals. This is not a typical zoo, which all animals are refrained from the public and locked up in cages. With the friendly caretakers around, they shared information with us such as eating habits of these animals. At first, we thought that Kayden will dislike or fear to touch these animals because he hated soft toys. Whenever Kayden sees a soft toy, he would either move away from it or give a slap to the soft toy. To our surprised, he enjoyed it very much.


Kayden had so much fun and he wasn’t tired at all.

Goodbye Caversham Wildlife Park! We are off to our next place.


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Address of my review
Caversham Wildlife Park
Whiteman Park, Whiteman 6068

Opening hours:
Open every day of the year from 9.00am to 5.30pm (excluding Christmas Day)



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