Life in Singapore has always been very fast paced. Waking up in the morning, getting ready for work and bringing my boy to his school have always been my usual weekday morning routine. With words like “urgent” and “deadline” appearing in my daily incoming emails and Whatsapp messages, I often wonder, “Are we living our lives the RIGHT WAY it should be?” Very often, I have to bring my work home, to be completed before the next day. Most of the time, I will be the last one in the family to hit the sack.

What Is The Key To Happiness?

Every day, we are building relationships by communicating with our friends and loved ones through our smartphones. Everyone on the trains and buses is busily looking at their smartphones. On a closer look, they are scrolling through their Facebook and Instagram feeds and reacting to posts. A notification will pop up every now and then, with a friend liking their post or comment. This makes them excited and the cycle continues. Relationships are built digitally today, but what is strongly lacking today is human connections.

Do emoticons help in sending human connections in messages? Not really. That is why very often, we will misunderstand the tone of messages sent by our friends and loved ones. This will eventually lead to unnecessary conflicts. Therefore, the key to happiness in life is building the relationship that connects and this can be easily done through face-to-face conversations. It is like adding dark soy sauce and pepper into a bowl of soft-boiled eggs to bring out the flavour.

#OnePersonOneThing Confession

My family is the most important thing to me in this world. Without any complaints, my mother will be the one who prepares a piping hot dinner which awaits me when I get home. When she is away on holiday, I feel helpless. Despite the fatigue that comes along with her second pregnancy, my wife always makes sure my boy does his homework from 8pm to 9pm every day. As for myself, I will hide in the room to rush out work for my clients. With work always in my head, I often feel uptight and restless.

I want to tell my family that I love them and truly care for them. I recorded a 60s video at Prudential’s #OnePersonOneThing booth and dedicated the video to my family. As we step in 2017, I am going to build a stronger and more rewarding relationship with my mum, my wife, my son.


I encourage you to express your feelings for the special someone in your life by recording a video for him or her at the #OnePersonOneThing booth at Ocean Financial Centre from now till 9 December 2016, 11am to 7pm.

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Prudential One Person One Thing

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