I went for my annual health checkup at Raffles Medical Clinic on Saturday and I always feel that body checkups are important because the health report will tell me how well my body is functioning. If there is a problem with my body, then it is telling me, “Hey buddy, seriously you need to change your daily lifestyle.”

Stepping into the doctor’s room on a Saturday morning …

Do you exercise?“, asked the doctor from Raffles Medical during my health checkup.

Ermmm … rarely,” I answered after putting some deep conscience thoughts.

Then the doctor replied, “That’s normal. Everybody is guilty when comes to this question.

The last time that I actually put on my running attire and head down for a good run was 2 years back. *gulp* I told my wife we need to change our lifestyle, to a healthier one by making our weekend morning a little more active. No more couch potatoes!

Put on our running shoes and runnnnn …..

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