Everyone, especially parents, will find it cute when a baby, toddler or kid to put on a hat, a cap or even a beanie. This would portray their cuteness, innocence and cheeky side.

Kayden hates wearing a hat. I need to stress the word hate. Whenever a hat, cap or any accessories (except his toys) are placed onto his head, he will grabbed the item off his head and threw it on the floor. After that, he would turn his back and walked away quickly, without looking back. If anyone attempt to put the accessory back onto his head, he would throw it away again and the cycle repeats itself like a déjà vu. Kayden has no rejections for putting his toys such as pots and bowls on his head.

Despite Kayden’s awkward attitude or cocklaphobia , I bought a hat for him from a neighborhood push cart vendor. I find the hat’s design cute because of the smiling face, which resembles Pooh bear, on the beige colored hat.

I managed to ask Kayden to put on his new hat but there was a trade off. I taught Kayden that if he puts on the hat, I would do the “spinner” on him. A “spinner” is an action which I will carry Kayden high up and I would turn myself round and round. He loves the excitement so much until he chuckles non-stop. *wink*


My new hat!
my new hat

“Can I dance in Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal music video?”
my another pose with new hat

“I want the spinner … again and again!”
Smile with my new hat


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