The star-shaped cutter can be easily bought from Daison for $2. For the flour dough, we added 1 egg, 2 cups of flour and a quarter of water.


Today, we are having fun making Mee Hoon Kueh. This is a popular dish in Singapore where traditionally, pieces of dough made from flour are flatten and dumped them into a bowl of boiling soup. In modern day, many hawker stalls would use machines to make these pieces of dough look much nicer and thinner. Usually, a bowl of Mee Hoon Kueh will come with mushrooms, green leafy vegetables, fried anchovies and an egg. Kayden will be having fun with his flour dough, not play-doh.


star-shaped flour dough

Here comes our messy little boy …
Kayden gets hands on

Having fun!
Kayden having fun

Pan fried dried silver fishes till golden brown and crispy.
Papa's fried silver fishes


The meal has completed. The soup was boiled with soy beans, anchovies and pinch of salt. Rolled up the minced pork balls, slices of mushrooms and an egg. Finally, topped with the fried silver fishes and probably, fried shallots.


Homemade Mee Hoon Kueh



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