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Why Tefal Expertise Makes Pancakes Better

Pancakes. They are perfect for any occasion because adults and children love them. They are fluffy, tender in the middle and crispy on the edges. Best of all, pancakes are stackable. During this last week of 2016, my wife…


Easy Homemade Bread And Butter Pudding Recipe

The Bread And Butter Pudding, or some may call it Bread Pudding, is an old fashioned dessert which you can find in restaurants and cafes. I rarely have them because of the high sugar content. In this post, I will…

Rice With Black Bean Sauce Recipe

Oat Rice With Black Bean Sauce Recipe

While my Mum is enjoying her holiday in China for a week, my wife and I need to plan out the meal ideas for the family. Especially when comes to preparing meals for my fussy boy, I need to…


Nutty Chocolate Oat Bars

Among all my bakes posted in my blog, this is probably the best and tastiest pastry I ever made out of my kitchen. I want to create an easy “no bake” pastry which can be pinch between my finger…


Kong Bak Pau Recipe

When the slices of fatty pork belly meat slowly braised under low flame with sweet and dark sauce until tender, this delectable Hokkien dish when served with the soft lotus leaf buns create the Kong Bak Pau. Enjoying this…