Counting from 1 to 30 is Kayden’s favorite past time. All thanks to Channel 8, he is a great fan of the number 8. Whenever ‘8’ appears on the top right hand corner of our television, he would charge towards the screen, pushing his tiny index finger onto the screen hard repeatedly until the TV wobbles and shout “888888!!!”.

Nearly 2 years old now, Kayden gets lazy to keep his toys after playing. What did we do to grab his attention to clear his toys? That is to count with him. Pass him a toy and we will say “1”. Pass his another toy and we will say “2”. He will get excited to grab the toy off our hands, run towards his tub of toys, put it down and grab another toy off our hands again. After he dropped his last toy into his tub, we would say “Ok Kayden, clap your hands!” *piak* *piak* *piak*

Objects which are too much for him to count, we taught him how to use the word “many many”, like counting of bubbles during our “Bubbles Day”.



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