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Kids Dine Free At Face To Face Noodle House 面对面

Sarawak could be on my travel checklist when I am planning for a short getaway trip next time. With its dense rainforest, tribal cultures and unique cuisines, every traveller can experience a whole new side of travelling. When comes to food in Sarawak, two local specialities come first to my mind, Sarawak Noodles and Sarawak Laksa.

Located in City Square Mall, Face To Face Noodle House 面对面 is a Malaysia famous noodle shop which serves authentic handmade Sarawak noodles without any preservatives. Since its Labour Day, I decided to have a Dad and son outing together to enjoy slurping bowls of noodles. Available only this May, Kids Dine Free with every noodle main purchased!


Before We Tuck In, This Is What We Know About Face To Face Noodle House 面对面

Did you know that Face To Face Noodle House has a unique recipe that is over 100 years old? Serving the original Sarawak noodles, Mr Aidan Goh’s great grandfather learned the technique of making Jook Sing (竹升面) noodles. Meant bamboo rice noodle, this is one of the rarest types of Chinese noodles today. The noodle shop is also famous for its daily handmade, Pan Mee.

Begin in 1999, Mr Aidan Goh started his noodle store in a run-down coffee shop in Miri, Sarawak. Soon, his homemade noodles captured the hearts of many Sarawakians.

Today, Face To Face Noodle House is a well-known Malaysian brand for their authentic and delicious Sarawak noodles. With over 30 outlets throughout Malaysia, including Malacca, Johor Bahru, and Kuala Lumpur, this noodle house opens it was the first flagship store in Singapore at City Square Mall in November 2015. In March 2017, Face to Face Noodle House also began a new F&B concept at [email protected] named Shake Mee.

Can Face To Face Noodle House 面对面 captures the heart and stomach of the people in this little red dot?


What’s On The Menu

Noodle lovers, there is a total of six delicious noodle bowls to choose from the menu. For the dry noodles, there are Hot & Spicy Pan Mee ($8.90), Creations Pork Pan Mee ($8.90) and Traditional Sarawak Noodles ($8.90). For the soup noodles, there are Genki Herbal Chicken Soup Pan Mee ($12.90), House Speciality Pan Mee ($8.90) and Sarawak Laksa ($11.90). There are two types of Pan Mee to choose from, round or flat.

Face To Face Noodle House has a traditional selection of beverages such as Red Date Fungus Sea Coconut ($3.00), Lo Han Guo Longan ($3.00), Multigrain Soymilk ($4.00) and Chrysanthemum Liquorice ($3.00).


For our lunch, we have ordered Traditional Sarawak Noodles, Creations Pork Pan Mee and Sarawak Laksa. Since children under the age of 7 get to enjoy a free bowl of noodles for every noodle main purchased, Kayden gets to enjoy the dry version of House Speciality Pan Mee.

Served with minced pork, char siew and fried wontons, the Traditional Sarawak Noodles is one of their signatures. From the looks of the noodles, probably it is just oil, and that’s it. No extra sauces are added like wonton noodles or minced pork noodles. I love that light and smooth noodle texture. This delicious noodle explains the simple lives of many Sarawakians.


I love the freshly handmade Pan Mee, but I am deeply in love with the signature minced pork gravy. The Creations Pork Pan Mee is a tasty bowl of noodles and served on the side is the fried dried chillies. Mix them together, very shiok!




The Sarawak Laksa is served with the shredded omelette, chicken strips, slices of fish cakes and fresh prawns. Personally, I have no preference over thick or thin strands of rice vermicelli for my bowl of Laksa. The gravy is light, and it is prepared using prawns, giving it a seafood aftertaste. If you have never tried Sarawak Laksa before, don’t skip this when you are placing your order.



Kids get to choose three mains in smaller portions. They are Traditional Sarawak Noodles, Creations Pork Pan Mee and the dry version of House Speciality Pan Mee.


Finals Thoughts

Located in City Square Mall, Face To Face Noodle House is a modern noodle shop with the traditional way of preparing handmade noodles. If you are in City Square Mall, do check out this authentic Sarawak noodle shop with your family and friends.

Address of my visit
Face to Face Noodle House 面对面
180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall Level 2
Singapore 208539 (Farrer Park MRT)

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