“Kayden, time to wake up.” Excitement is the word that made Kayden look forward to his primary school journey. Balloting is what we have experienced in August last year as the primary school is oversubscribed. Like a lottery game, the teachers will use the lottery ball wheel cage to roll out the number balls. Kayden’s lucky number ball came out third. This was a total relief for us!

Back in my school days (that’s 30 years ago!), pinned name tags are commonly used on school uniforms. Though these name tags look good on the students, they cause damage to the cloth. I got unlucky a few times when the needle loosens and pricked my chest! Today, iron-on name tags are used. They are washable, safer and cause no damage to the uniforms.

Do you remember the feeling when your school uniform got stuck so tightly in your sweaty back? It is great that Kayden’s school uniforms are made of quick dry material and this will surely keep the students feeling dry all day in school.

What’s up during my weekends? Wrapping Kayden’s school books with clear plastic wrappers. Rolled up and looking like an iron rod, my transparent plastic wrappers are purchased from POPULAR Bookstore. This clear plastic wrappers will help to protect the books from spills and Kayden’s “harsh treatments”.

When comes to looking for a pair of white school shoes, BATA is the store that comes to my mind instantly. I got two pairs of BATA white school shoes for Kayden at less than $50. Commonly known as “Buy And Throw Away”, BATA school shoes are affordable and suitable for everyday school use.

The mixed feeling of happiness, worries and anxiousness are blended together like a glass of fruit smoothie. Feeling uncertain if Kayden could to cope with his studies in school, buy his own food during recess time or make new friends in his class, I have to be confident that he could manage well.

Baby N’s New Friend From LINE

Meanwhile, when Kayden’s in school, Baby N is busy with his new friend, Sally from LINE. It all started with my Sally mousepad where he couldn’t stop playing with it. Taking out my Sally plush toy from McDonald X LINE, he couldn’t stop biting it. Ouch!


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