In nex shopping mall, there is a cosy Japanese restaurant located at B1, which claims “THE original Japanese spaghetti”. The Kabe no Ana restaurant was established in 1953 back in Tokyo and currently, this Japanese pasta restaurant’s menu serve over 80 varieties, created for their customers. I can’t figure it out but the direct translation of Kabe no Ana means “hole in the wall”. Probably there are some history behind this restaurant’s special name.

In this brightly lighted restaurant, the Kabe no Ana restaurant sure give their customers a cosy and comfortable dinning pleasure. I am surprised that at 6.30pm, there was no customers in the restaurant except me. I am lucky to enjoy my dinner in total peace.


Need any extra garnishing to enhance your taste buds? They are all lined up on your dinning table.

A comical way to promote their restaurant’s food. I like this idea.


The Mentai Carbonara Pasta was served first after taking my orders. I loved this pasta! The pasta was cooked just right. I would consider a pasta badly done if the core of this italian noodle is hard. The Carbonara sauce was evenly mixed with the pasta because I can see almost every strand of the pasta are coated with the sauce. From the taste and aroma of the Carbonara sauce, it doesn’t taste like it was bought off the shelves in the supermarket. The bacon are cut into dices instead of chopped into bits. This pasta is special because an egg was added with it’s yolk still runny. Mixed this pasta well and enjoy it. The Mentai Carbonara Pasta cost $13.90.


The Mentai Carbonara Pasta, the Kabe no Ana Japanese style. The egg yolk is runny.

Close up on the cut bacons on the pasta. Check out the level of creaminess of this pasta!


If you need a little more food to satisfy your stomach, you can top up $3.00 for a salad, 2 slices of baguette toast and 1 bowl of either pumpkin or corn soup. From the 3 sides mentioned earlier, the most yummy was the baguette toast. The soup and salad are normal, nothing special about them. What’s so special of the baguette toast? The chef spread the baguette with mentaiko, which is the mixture of roe, from pollock and cod fish. I am not sure what other seasonings the chef has added to this special roe bread spread, but the mentaiko baguette gave me a saltish and buttery taste. Eat the toasted baguette when hot else, the crust of this french toast will be tough to chew.


A small side of salad.

Toasted baguette with mentaiko, not your typical butter-up side bites.


Baked rice with sausage. I have mixed feeling with this rice bowl. I will classify the baked rice with sausage into 2 main areas: the top and bottom. The top layer was the level of the cheese with sausages. I would say the cheese is soft with it’s top crust crispy, while maintaining it’s chewy texture. The sausages are slightly saltish, but I would recommend the chef to consider using cracked black pepper sausages instead. The bottom layer will be the rice. With the porcelain bowl, the heat retains helps keeping the rice hot. The rice seems to be some sort of tomato rice mixed with minced meat. This gives the baked rice a sour and sweet taste.


Baked rice with sausage. The cheese are well-baked and they are “protecting” my rice beneath.

Scoop up the baked rice. *piak!


Comparing the pasta and the baked rice, I prefer the pasta because of it’s good cooking standards in terms of taste and aroma. Moreover, pasta dishes are Kabe no Ana’s speciality. It is a must to try their mentaiko baguette and I believe you will definitely loved it. I feel that the price was on the high side, but judging on the food’s quality, the price is marginally acceptable. Think about it, I will consider going back to this restaurant if my cravings for Italian food cooked in Japanese style hits my head the next time. ;)


Address of my review:
nex Shopping mall
23 Serangoon Central #B1-80 nex Singapore 556083

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun: 11:00AM – 10:00PM
Tel: (65) 6348024



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