Jack’s Place and Eatzi Gourmet Mooncakes For Mid-Autumn Festival 2016

Singapore’s favourite steakhouse, Jack’s Place, will be joining this Mid-Autumn Festival with four new exciting mooncake flavours. Low in sugar, these traditional baked pastries are created by the award-winning Chef Poh Lo and Iron Man Chef Heman. Usually, black and white mooncakes are available in snow skin texture. Creatively, the chefs made these yin-yang duo mooncakes traditionally baked.

In comparison to the market, the mooncakes by Jack’s Place and Eatzi Gourmet Bakery are baked with low in sugar by 20 percent.

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What’s In Jack’s Place Creative Fusion Yin Yang Duo Mooncakes

Representing the yin will be the Bamboo Charcoal mooncake which is black in colour. With a saltish taste and chewy mouthfeel, this baked mooncake is made with premium dried scallops and creamy lotus paste. There is a buttery salted egg yolk added to gives the melt in your mouth effect.

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The yang mooncake would be the Pure White Cranberry Lotus with Single Yolk, which is baked with tangy and sweet flavour. That rich taste is from the dried apricots and sunflower seeds mixed in the lotus paste. While most of the chefs would create this “White Skin” effect using snow skin, Chef Heman only reveals two secret ingredients, Chinese flour and honey.

The Bamboo Charcoal and Pure White Cranberry Lotus mooncakes must be eaten together to truly enjoy the right palatable balance.

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The Six Flavours Of Mooncakes By Jack’s Place and Eatzi Gourmet Bakery

Besides the above two newly created yin-yang duo, here are the rest of the four baked mooncakes.

White Lotus Single Yolk mooncake is baked with white lotus paste and mixed nuts. Delightfully sweet with “nutty” goodness.

Green Tea Mochi mooncake is baked with green tea lotus paste and filled up with mochi and sunflower seeds.

Chocolate Pineapple (New) has a fruity taste which comes from the fresh pineapple mango and filled with chocolate lotus paste. Dulcey crunchy pearls are added to its texture.

Mocca Rocher (New) has an excellent combination of coffee lotus paste, Ferrero Rocher and Cocoa Nibs. Specially baked for those who love the taste of chocolate.

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You can mix and match the mooncakes to create your own box of 4 at $45.80, while a single piece will cost $11.50.

Jack’s Place and Eatzi Gourmet Bakery mooncakes are available from now until 27 September 2015 and 3 days order in advance before the date of collection is required.

For orders, please visit http://jacksplace.com.sg, http://bakery.eatzi.com.sg or http://jppepperdine.com.

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