The most worrisome parenting stage is when my baby started to learn how to crawl and get curious. To keep my baby safe at home, I would purchase many child safety products such as corner bumpers, door stops and electric socket covers. Are these products enough to keep my baby safe at home?

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Recently, I saw a commercial by Tide, a laundry detergent brand and I find it worth sharing with my fellow parenting readers. Let’s take a look at this photograph.

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At the very first glimpse, it might appear like the child in the picture is happy and completely safe. However, please look deeper at the picture. Tide challenges all the audiences to find all the eleven dangers in the room within 5 seconds. The laundry detergent brand states that this is the time a baby would crawl and get to these hazards.

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Most of the audiences will locate the hot iron, laundry cleaning detergent, loose coins, balloon and open fireplace. How about the rest of the six dangers lurking in the living room?

Image from Tide

The eleven hazards are an unsecured tv, a window blind cord, an open fireplace, sharp table edges, choking threat from the balloon, ignored iron, unattended handbag contents, loose coins on the side table, a leaning mirror, an exposed electric outlet and laundry pacs.

Belongs to Tide Pods brand new campaign, this commercial sends an important message to all parent. The objective is to inform parents the importance of keeping laundry pacs away from children at home. If children get their hands on these washing detergents mini packs, they might get chemical burns, short-term loss of sight or even death.

Tips to prevent your children from accessing these laundry pacs:

  1. Always secure laundry detergent packages and keep children out of reach.
  2. No loose pacs around the house. Always keep laundry pacs in their container.
  3. If your child is under the age of 5, use ordinary washing detergent instead. This will reduce the chance of them swallowing a detergent pac.
  4. If your child is contacted with a detergent pac, wash the child’s face, hands and mouth with water. Call the ambulance hotline 995.

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