When someone like me shed his double chin and bulging tummy, the most common question I got from my friends is: How did you do it? Most of them assumed I was either doing grueling cardio workouts every week to slay the excess fats, or I was starving myself every day to lose those extra inches. Well, truth be told, these are incorrect guesses to my successful 11kg weight loss done in under two months.

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Since July 2017, Absolute Slimming has been helping me to turn my weight loss aspirations into reality. Those 11kg I lost over the last 2 months? It was accomplished with Absolute Slimming’s CSH therapy®. I never thought it was possible to go from 95kg to 84kg! No drugs, no intense exercises and no surgery. The treatment I have been going through is 100% natural and stress-free.

My Motivation To Lose Weight

When my knee cap started to ache after long hours of standing or walking, I knew it was a wake-up call. I needed to lose the weight in order to relieve stresses on my joints, so I can enjoy longer hours of outdoor activities with my children.

As another aside, do read about Part 2 of my journey with Absolute Slimming here.

Last year, I tried many ways to push my weight down, such as reducing carbohydrates intake, portioning my meals, avoiding processed food and doing light workouts. All of them did not work as effectively as I had thought, at least for myself. Being stuck at 95kg for months can really be depressing.

This is me before my treatment!

How Absolute Slimming Made It Possible With Their CSH Therapy®

During my annual body check-up, my doctor never fails to advise: Exercise regularly and eat your food in moderation will help you in losing weight. I heeded my doctor’s suggestions diligently, but it still did not help much. That was when I decided I need professional help.

Before visiting Absolute Slimming at Bugis Cube, I had a discussion with my friends. Sadly, most of them did not understand how challenging it was for myself to lose weight. Despite the lack of encouragement, I still felt the urge to visit Absolute Slimming, which has been helping many individuals lose weight since 2002 –all with a 99% success rate.

Meeting with the team from Absolute Slimming was an eye-opener. Each therapist there is trained to understand and address the difficulties I have been going through. Absolute Slimming’s answer to my weight gain problem? Jumpstart my metabolism through natural means, which is the CSH therapy® treatments. There were also individually customised meal plans to follow.

After sitting through the team’s explanations and experiencing it for myself, Absolute Slimming’s CSH therapy® is a natural weight loss treatment that doesn’t damage our body. Adapted from traditional Chinese approach, CSH therapy® is the abbreviation for Cupping, Scaping and Heat. By placing cups onto the acupoints of our body, it helps to improve our metabolism and curb our hunger. Scraping helps to improve and regulate our blood flow, which flushes out the toxins that cause fat storage. Finally, the heat treatment breaks down stubborn fats in problematic areas (for instance, arms and tummy) while firming the skin at the same time.


After two months of CSH therapy®, I lost over 11kg in 15 sessions. When I look myself in the mirror, my body appears more toned. Even those same friends I mentioned earlier starting flooding me with compliments! By ‘toned’ I don’t mean lean muscles (still work in progress!), but the shrinking of cellulite and flabby, loose skin.

Besides the CSH therapy®, I find my customised meal plans easy to follow. Without knowing, I am consuming my meals in moderation because my taste buds have adapted nicely. I feel less lethargic at work and at home. I look forward to weighing myself every morning. The improvement in my metabolism has led to the gradual dropping of my weight and according to my calculations, I am losing an average of 150g every day.

Don’t Worry About Cheat Days

There are days when I did not follow my suggested meal plans. For example, during my friend’s birthday party, I would enjoy a plethora of delicious local food, such as chilli crab with mantou and fried chicken wings. Of course, I will try not to get too carried away with the good food. From my personal experience, I feel that as long as I indulge in moderation, maintaining my weight will be effortless even after the treatments have ended.

Changes In My Life After 2 Months With Absolute Slimming

I noticed three big positive changes after two months of CSH therapy® with Absolute Slimming.

First, my wardrobe saw the biggest change of them all! Besides welcoming back the Size L’s that I could still fit in five years ago, I got a new haul of fitting clothes which made me look and feel so much better about myself.

Second, my overall health skyrocketed. My knee cap had since stopped aching, and chasing the bus or MRT no longer causes breathlessness.

Lastly, I have a great deal more self-confidence. I no longer worry about how others look at me because all my worries have been turned into positive vibes –no doubt the work of Absolute Slimming.


I understand how tough it is to lose weight especially when all that mentally stressful dieting and tiring workouts don’t work at all. It’s also not easy to search for a weight loss partner you can trust – after all, I have friends who have signed up for expensive weight loss packages that are completely ineffective. I have also heard many stories about other weight loss centres whose staff will push or nag at clients who don’t lose “enough” weight.

I’m glad to say that Absolute Slimming is none of those things. Not only has this treatment helped me to boost my metabolism, curb my hunger and make my taste buds more sensitive (now I no longer take so much salt and sugar!), but I also like the staff’s positive and comforting attitude towards their clients. Every week, I look forward to my twice-a-week treatments. Their words of encouragement always make me feel that I am in control of my weight.

So, will I reach my ideal weight of 75kg? Look out for my next post.

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