Milk is the only beverage that can work as a meal during the early stages of childhood and is a healthy beverage during the adult years. Today, there are at least 3 different varieties of milk on the supermarket shelves such as full cream, skimmed milk and flavoured milk.

Can’t decide which type of milk would suit your health and lifestyle? In this post, I will share with you all about milk.


Nutritional Content Of Milk

For a start, let me share with you what are the nutritional content that can be found in milk and their benefits to our health.

  • Fat is vital for lots of functions in our body including the production of hormonal agents, provide warmth and provision of fat soluble vitamins.
  • Carbohydrates offer the body with energy. The type of carbohydrate present in milk is called lactose.
  • Protein has an active role in building immunity by creating antibodies and repair of all tissues. It also helps to strengthen muscles and bones.
  • Vitamin A strengthens eye muscles and vision, helps in bone advancement and maintaining healthy skin.
  • Vitamin B12 helps in the performance of the human brain and nervous system. It also develops red blood cells, improves sleeping conditions and mental illness.
  • Vitamin B6 boosts metabolism and liver detoxification.
  • Riboflavin helps in iron absorption and eliminate free radicals in our body.
  • Niacin helps to maintain heart health, reduces bad cholesterol and keep our skin, hair and eyes healthy.
  • Thiamine helps in maintaining gastrointestinal health.
  • Vitamin K prevents the clotting of blood.
  • Pantothenic acid strengthens our bones and joints. It also assists the functionality of our brain by assisting in the production of neurotransmitters.
  • Folate prevents anaemia and helps in the development of a healthy foetus.
  • Vitamin D improves the calcium absorption of our body. It also helps in keeping our blood pressure regular.
  • Calcium helps in maintaining strong bones and healthy teeth.
  • Magnesium helps to convert food into energy and tissue development.
  • Phosphorus strengthens our bones and keeps our teeth healthy. It also improves our kidney health.
  • Potassium aids in the maintaining of blood pressure and guarantees a healthy heart.
  • Zinc helps in building resistance in our body, repair cells, wound healing and boost metabolism.
  • Selenium assists in the normal performance of the thyroid gland.
  • Choline is an important nutrient, which assists with our sleep, muscle movement and improves our memory. It also assists in the absorption of fat and minimises chronic swelling.


What Are The Different Types Of Milk Available

Now that you know about the nutrients and minerals found in milk and how they can help our body, here are the 3 common types of milk that are found in the supermarket.

Full cream milk is generally provided to children, teenagers and body builders. The reason this is called full cream milk is because it contains all the milk fat without adding or removing anything. It is collected from the dairy herd and it goes through numerous processes like pasteurisation to eliminate possibly harmful bacteria before it reaches the public. One glass of full cream milk would typically contain 3.5% of milk fat and is about 180 calories. Full cream milk is creamier, smoother and rich with flavour.

Skimmed milk has 0.3% to 0.1% fat content in a glass. Though skimmed milk contains all the nutrients found in full cream milk, it provides you with half the calories of full cream milk. That is around 80 calories per glass of milk. It usually contains slightly more calcium and lower levels of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, as this is lost during the removal of fat. In many cases, lost vitamins are re-added into the milk.

It is important to note that skimmed milk is not advisable for children under the age of 5 years old because of its low-calorie content. Children at this age require lots of energy for development and advancement. Skimmed milk is ideal for adults who want to restrict their fat or calorie intake.

Skimmed milk is usually more watery than other types of milk and has a less creamy taste due to the removal of fat.


Flavoured milk is actually milk that has additional sugar, colourings and artificial flavourings to make it more appetising for children to consume.

10 Health Advantages Of Having Milk In Your Diet

With the nutritional contents and the common types of milk that can be easily found in the supermarket, here are the healthy advantages of drinking milk.

  1. Milk is rich in calcium and can assist in maintaining bone density.
  2. Milk is crucial for the functioning of our nervous system and muscle contraction.
  3. Milk contains enough quantity of potassium needed for muscle activity and contractions. It assists in managing the body’s fluid balance and blood pressure.
  4. Milk helps to prevent the threat of colorectal cancer.
  5. Milk includes vitamin A, which is important for regulating the growth of the cell, the integrity of the body immune system and helps maintain regular vision and skin.
  6. Milk helps in brain advancement and healthy growth of body tissues.
  7. Milk offers energy.
  8. Milk assists in fighting anxiety.
  9. Milk assists in fighting obesity.
  10. Milk reduces the risk of getting diabetes.


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