In Singapore, there are many different types of enrichment classes for the children today. From language classes to psychomotor training, every enrichment class are beneficial to a child’s growing up process. Many research studies shows that children between the age of 3 to 8 years old is the best time to learn as they have more active neurons creating new connections every time they learn new things. That’s exactly why a child picks up a new language faster compare to an adult. Of course, as a parent, we hope to give the best for our children and stretch them to their full potential. As the standard of living in Singapore is high, the fees for enrichment classes has always been one of the top consideration.

Are enrichment classes a need for our children today? My answer is yes, but it all depends on the type of enrichment class that is suitable and necessary for the child. Finding an enrichment class which is effective will definitely grow your child’s potential. So, take it as a long term investment. In this post, I will share with you on my simple approach when looking for an enrichment class and save some money in your bank account.

Understand What Your Child Loves Doing

Parents, please put down your smartphones, tablets or other things that might distract you now. Take 15 minutes to think about what your child really loves doing. There are five key development areas for a child when they age between 2 to 5 years old. They are physical, cognitive, social, language and motor. For Kayden, he loves numbers, art and music. Therefore, these three activities belongs to cognitive and motor developments. Breaking these five key child developments will make your task in searching for an enrichment class much easier.

The five key child developments are physical, cognitive, social, language and motor.

Focus On The Five Key Child Developments

Despite all the five key child developments are important, enrichment fees has always been one of the important consideration. If you are on a budget, simply focus on one of the five key developments will do. For myself, I feel that Kayden loves to think and reason whenever a question is posted to him. Therefore, I choose numbers as the primarily activity to maximize his potential in cognitive development.


Finding The Right Enrichment Class In Singapore

If your child loves art, you can send your child to a pottery class to enhance their sensory and motor developments. If your child has interest in Chinese language, you can send him for a Chinese language class. Finding an enrichment class which your child loves is very important. With passion, your child will not be dragging feet to class. Therefore, after finding the right enrichment class, discuss with your little one on their interest. Besides considering on what your child loves doing, another key approach is how this enrichment class will help your child in the real world.

Look for the enrichment class which will help your child in the future.

What Are The Benefits Of Abacus?

Since Kayden’s interest is in numbers, I have decided to send him to an abacus enrichment class. Abacus is a tool which uses mental mathematical calculations to solve simple to complex equations without the use of calculators. By training a child’s mental arithmetic calculations, it helps to enhance memory and improve concentrations. Learning abacus trains the child in visual, auditory, memory and movements. This is know as multi-sensory. Abacus will also help the child in mathematics during their academic years.


Why I Choose Fun With Abacus?

Fun With Abacus has over 10 years of teaching experience in abacus. The lessons are conducted in English, which is widely accepted in our multi-racial society and each lesson is just one hour a week. Fun With Abacus is also conveniently located in 4 areas, Katong Plaza, Toa Payoh Centre, Ang Mo Kio Centre and Jurong East. In order for parents and teacher to know whether is abacus enrichment class suitable for the child, you can schedule a free session. Therefore, instead of paying for an enrichment class straightaway, this free session can be a valuable assessment and lesson. On May 2016, Fun With Abacus represented Singapore in the National Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition and made Singapore proud with their winning trophies.

Schedule a free assessment session with Fun With Abacus. No payment required.

During Kayden’s free abacus session, Teacher Gwen analysed Kayden’s level of interest by coaching him the basic rules of abacus, how to calculate simple addition and subtraction. In the 1 hour free session, Kayden is able to do simple arithmetic calculations. In the abacus class, the teacher to student ratio is 1:3. This is good as the teacher can monitor the student’s progress closely and the student can get attention from the teacher.

If you are keen to know more about Fun With Abacus and wish to schedule for a free session, do check out their website at I will share Kayden’s abacus progess in about 4 months time in my blog. Do keep a look out for my post.

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