When we saw a bunch of dull yellow bananas with dark spots hanging on the supermarket rack, most of us would think that these bananas are overly ripe and they are not the best time to consume them. Did you know that these bananas with dark spots on peel not just taste sweeter, but also have hidden health benefits that you might not know of?

Why Yellow Bananas Have Dark Spots

The main reason is because of the enzymes in the bananas, which start to break down the starches into sugar. This natural behaviour makes the banana easier to digest in our gut.

Besides easy digestion, banana with dark spots, or ripe bananas, contains more antioxidants than green bananas. When dark spots appear on the banana peel, it produces a substance known as Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) which combats abnormal cells.

Moreover, a ripe banana is eight times more effective in increasing our body’s immune system than a fresh banana.

What Happen When Pregnant Mothers Have Low Potassium Diet

During pregnancy, mothers will produce 50% more body fluids and blood to soften the body and for the development needs of the baby. Known as oedema, these pregnancy swelling usually occurs during the third trimester on hands, feet, legs and face. Leg cramps are the common symptom of low potassium intake for pregnant mothers.

The four common factors that may affect body swelling are as follows:

  1. Consuming high amount of caffeine
  2. High level of sodium intake
  3. Low intake of potassium
  4. Standing for long period of time

A medium size banana would contain up to 422mg. Due to the 50% fluid retention, pregnant mothers are recommended to consume 4,700mg of potassium daily. Nursing mother would require 5,100mg of potassium daily.

So, always enjoy your bananas when it is fully ripe for the best nutritional benefits. For pregnant and nursing mothers, having a banana daily is a good natural source of potassium for you.

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