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6 Things Your Toothbrush Will Never Tell You

Your colourful toothbrush may look innocent sitting in your toothbrush holder, but did you know that there are millions of bacteria residing on your toothbrush? Germs can be transferred from a sick person to the toothbrush and continue to…

Health Parenting

How Healthy Is A Glass Of Milk?

Milk is the only beverage that can work as a meal during the early stages of childhood and is a healthy beverage during the adult years. Today, there are at least 3 different varieties of milk on the supermarket…


Healthy Hair Secret For Him And Her: BioRoyale

What causes hair loss? Well, the four common reasons are hereditary, changes in hormones especially after pregnancy, unhealthy scalp and excessive hair styling which introduces chemicals to the hair. Did you know that the quality of our water also…

Health Parenting

What Pregnant Mums Need To Know About Toothache

Toothaches can happen to pregnant mothers for any reasons and anytime. Due to high hormonal levels, pregnant mothers are more prone to get dental inflammations, tooth fractures or a toothache. Other reasons that could have caused these oral discomforts…

Health Parenting

Eat Guilt-Free With MAGNOLIA Gotcha Ice Cream

It’s ice cream time by MAGNOLIA! Every kid’s pleasure is a stick of chocolate ice cream. Mums and Dads can now indulge their kids’ preferred dessert without concern about trans-fat or calories with the brand new MAGNOLIA Gotcha Astronaut…

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Four Superfoods That Are Good For Your Health

Superfood is the term used for densely nutritious foods which are beneficial to our health. These superfoods usually are plant-based, have large amounts of minerals and vitamins which could help us to prevent illness. This eventually lead us to…