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Four Superfoods That Are Good For Your Health

Superfood is the term used for densely nutritious foods which are beneficial to our health. These superfoods usually are plant-based, have large amounts of minerals and vitamins which could help us to prevent illness. This eventually lead us to…


Ava Fertility Bracelet Could Change Your Sex Life

Believe or not, women can now track their fertility easily using this wearable tech. Let’s welcome Ava, the fertility bracelet that could change your sex life. As most of us feel that intercourse is a taboo subject, this makes…

Deadly chemicals found in household products

7 Deadly Chemicals Found In Your Cleaning Products

Did you know that many of the household cleaning products found on the market contain carcinogens such as naphthalene, methylene chloride, nitrobenzene, and formaldehyde? Sometimes, toxic chemicals such as chloroform and toluene are not listed on the label and…