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What Is The Number One Fear In Parents?

When my wife and myself broke the news to Kayden that he was going to have a baby brother, his curiosity raised to a whole new level. With both of his eyes wide opened and touching my wife’s tummy,…

Health Parenting

5 Simple Ways To Stay Motivated

Let’s think about it: You are welcoming the world and fulfilling your life with a whole brand-new positive attitude. Soon, your life will begin to reveal the positive sign! Then, some things happen in your life. You receive some…

Health Parenting

6 Things Your Toothbrush Will Never Tell You

Your colourful toothbrush may look innocent sitting in your toothbrush holder, but did you know that there are millions of bacteria residing on your toothbrush? Germs can be transferred from a sick person to the toothbrush and continue to…