“My iPhone photography at Gardens By The Bay at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. To get there, the nearest MRT station is Bayshore on the Circle Line. If you have NTUC or Passion Card, a 10% discount will be given to you during the purchase of the tickets.”

My wife and myself decided to take a weekday break from work to relax and enjoy the “slow pace” in Singapore. Gardens By The Bay is a good place to take things slow. I am not sure if you can picnic there, but definitely you can enjoy different theme gardens, mainly the Indian, Malay and Chinese gardens. The flowers and plants are well-maintained as they don’t look overly messy, relatively neat garden.

We reached there about 4pm and when we looked at the skies; it is gloomy and we thought it is going rain, but actually skies are hazy. Probably due to the forest fire in neighboring countries.

There are 2 domes, but we decided to take the one with man-made waterfall. It is cooling and humid inside the dome. There are many flowers and plants which are mainly found in cold temperate countries. The temperature is about 20 degrees. What attracts me is there is cinema inside the dome which it plays a short clip about what the Mother Earth is facing right now: Pollution, deforestation ….. etc.

We spend about 4 hours there. Nice place to get out of the crowded shopping areas.



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