Let’s put our hands together to Furama City Centre’s ‘invisible butler’. It can help you to control your room’s TV channels, play music, set your alarm, read bedtime stories and much more by simply saying “Echo“. Welcome to the era of smart hotel experience.

Echo Dot is a voice-controlled smart device which is developed by Amazon. Totally hands-free, this voice recognition product will perform operations based on your voice commands. To wake Echo Dot, just say “Echo” and the beautiful external ring of lights will indicate to you that it is ready to receive commands.



Why Does Furama City Centre Want To Introduce Echo Dot?

In short, it is to enhance their guests’ in-room experience. Furama City Centre is the first four-star hotel in Singapore to roll out their very own ‘invisible butler’. There is no longer a need to flip light switches manually or constantly check the weather forecast on your smartphone. With simple voice commands, hotel guests can enjoy and revel in an engaging experience with pre-programmed answers pertaining to their holiday.


With Echo Dot connected to Alexa Voice Service (AVS), this smart speaker will recommend popular nearby attractions to visit, the nearest convenience store and the operating hours of facilities within the hotel. This will give every guest a fuss-free experience, save time, be pampered and enjoy their holiday!

Currently, Furama City Centre has 23 hotel rooms installed with Amazon Echo Dot. The hotel will be looking into expanding this smart technology for the rest of the remaining guest rooms.

Watch our staycation experience with Echo Dot in Furama City Centre below. It’s time to go hands-free!

Address of my staycation
Furama City Centre
60 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059804

Website: http://www.furama.com/citycentre

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