Today is the period of binge video watching. Everyone, including myself, is guilty of getting drawn into episode after an episode such as The Game Of Thrones. Some on-demand watching platforms such as Netflix and YouTube even begin playing the next episode for you! Primetime programs are losing real-time viewership to this hassle-free on-demand watching alternatives available out there today.

Apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Google Play stream through video contents nearly on every gadget we own today, such as Apple TV and smartphones. With over 100 million hours of video enjoyed on Facebook every day, it’s not unexpected that Facebook and its billion users are prepared for the next stage.

While you most likely to stumble upon videos on your Facebook News Feed every day such as advertisements and shared material, you may not have discovered that there is an option on your Facebook homepage that reads “Watch“.

It is true that videos have flooded our Facebook News Feed. With the success of Facebook videos, the innovative group at Facebook chose to develop a designated location for their users to watch videos. Therefore, Facebook Watch was born, enabling users to search, view, and bookmark the programs they like. Watch began with a soft launch to a small group of Facebook users in August 2017.

Facebook recognises that there are a huge number of engaging audience who love videos. Therefore, the company have invested a billion dollars in 2017 and 2018 to produce original video content that will appear on this brand-new material network.

Created for mobile, laptop, tablet and TV, Facebook Watch consists of live or recorded video episodes. There is a Watchlist so that users will never lose out on the episodes they are watching.

I prefer to think Watch as a mix of Netflix and Youtube. You can individualise your account and find programs while having the ability to engage with videos by leaving comments. The significant part of the customisation of this tool is that it makes suggestions based on your interests. Additionally, brand-new video contents are unlocked based on what your Facebook friends and groups are watching.

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