In less than a week, Chinese around the world will be celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year. During this festive occasion, Chinese will be having reunion dinner on the eve of this important celebration. Steamboat, Peng Cai and many other home cook dishes will be filled on the dining table. Family members will gather and enjoy a sumptuous meal.

Many of the Chinese in Singapore will be having steamboat as a form of reunion dinner. It is healthy and easy to prepare because all the delicacies like scallops, slices of abalones and prawns are boiled until cooked. The soup based used along with steamboat is usually chicken stock. As boiled food are usually bland, many people would prefer to enjoy their boiled food by dipping them in chilli sauce or sesame sauce for the extra flavour.

This Year Of The Fire Rooster, my family reunion dinner had a new food member on the table: Knife Thai Dipping Sauce. With no MSG, artificial flavouring and added colouring, this glass bottle of Thai Dipping Sauce brings to one’s palate a unique blend of sour and spicy sensations.

The recipe of Knife Thai Dipping Sauce originates from Thailand and it is perfect for every food occasion: grilling, marinating and seasoning to go for home cook meals.

The Knife Thai Dipping Sauce is available in 170g glass bottles at $3.60 at major supermarkets in Singapore.

Don’t forget to try the rest of Knife condiments such as the Knife Thai Fish Sauce Reduce Salt and Knife Salted Soy Beans. Knife brand promises in “Making your food taste better”.



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