When comes to early child development, every parent wants to give their child a heads-up. Today, there are many educational toys available in the retail toy stores which can promote mental, physical and motor skills. These toys can also establish enjoyable and playful moments.

Design to stimulate the young minds such as the hand or eye coordinations as well as motor reflex patterns, these toys can entertain and train your child at the same time. They will pick up new skills without even knowing!

What types of educational toys can develop your child’s motor and coordination abilities? They are toys with turning items such as beads as well as buttons like a piano keyboard. Young toddlers aged one-year-old are different. They find toys that create noise and music amusing. Moreover, such toys can also allow the child to learn about sound. For example, an ambulance’s siren and a trumpet’s sound. Recognizing these sound will develop the toddler’s sound recognition ability.

Four Friends Stacking Train

Probably one of the most common educational toys is shape sorters. Keeping the child fascinated and learning how to grab with their hands, these toys are usually vibrant in colour. The child will learn to pick up a shaped toy and try to find the correct insert. Stacking blocks and simple puzzles will help to train your child’s mind through these brain challenges.

ABC Board

Shape Matching Board

Older toddlers, aged two to three years old, are most interested in interactive toys, books with sounds and even fridge magnets! Beautiful play sets such as car garages or fanciful doll houses are also popular among these ages. These play sets will allow them to understand the world around them better. To promote your child’s imagination, get them a drawing board with some crayons or clay modeling toys like Play-Doh so that they can express themselves.


Learning through playing can develop a child’s abilities such as self-confidence and fine motor skills. Before buying an educational toy, read the prints on the packaging. There will be instructions on how this toy will benefit your child’s development and the safety precautions.


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