If you wish to have the dining experience of viewing the beautiful scenic sea and enjoy tasty food at the same time like Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour in Perth, then travel down south of Perth to Busselton Jetty. The driving journey will take 2 hours and 30 minutes.

As we reach the Busselton Jetty at 12pm, we decided to head down for lunch at The Goose restaurant. The original location of the “Original Goose” was at the central Busselton back in 1998. Given the nickname “Goose” during the school days of Rhys Passmore (the owner), Rhys was a well-trained culinary chef and he traveled around the world to gain exposure, knowledge, experiences and getting new ideas for his food menu.

In 5 years time, the “Original Goose” located at central Busselton out grew quickly and needed for restaurant expansion. In December 2004, Rhys opened the “New Goose” near the Busselton Jetty, which was the restaurant my whole family will be enjoying for our lunch. With the perfect waterfront location, the “New Goose” provides a world class dining experiences with beautiful sparkling seaview for their diners.


The signboard of The Goose restaurant at Busselton Jetty.

Bar counter for people who wants to have some wines or beer and some small bites.

The dining hall of The Goose, very spacious area.

Jars of cookies in The Goose.

Their Sunday special meals.

The Margaret River wagu beef burger served with shoestring fries, Swiss cheese and salads. The wagu beef was tender, juicy and cooked just right. This plate of burger meal cost $31.50 AUD.

12 hour roasted scotch fillet served with horseradish, winter vegetables and fondant potatoes. This plate cost $39.50 AUD.


The Goose seafood chowder served with West Australia fish, prawns, scallops, black mussels and smoked salmon croutes. Plenty of seafood, fresh and delightful dish that is priced $39.50 AUD.

Very fresh South Australian mussels stir fried with chili sauce and herbs. The mussels are so fresh that when using a fork, the whole piece of mussel can be extracted out easily, giving that chewy seafood freshness. This dish cost $28.00 AUD.

Soup of the day. The ingredients are cauliflower and leek together with double cream. This soup is served with sour dough. This rich in flavor soup cost $19.00 AUD.

Tender soft spiced chicken breast served with quinoa, blistered tomatoes, whipped feta and date and rhubarb chutney. This is my first time having quinoa and it is a memorable one. Quinoa is a type of grain which looks and gives a mouthfeel like fish roe, but has the fragrance of rice. This plate cost $34 AUD.


The Goose restaurant has the perfect sea view location for diners who want to enjoy a relax water scenery views. With the alfresco available, you can buy a drink and some nibbles to chew while enjoying the environment. The indoor restaurant is spacious and comfortable. The quality of service is good as the staffs were responsive. Unfortunately, our waiting time for the food took 25 minutes to be served on our dining table. Great tasty food, but are also overpriced as almost every meals cost more than $30 AUD.


After our lunch in The Goose, we decided to head down to famous Busselton Jetty and the beautiful sandy beach.


In the southern hemisphere of this planet Earth, the longest timber-piled jetty that measures 1.8 kilometres out to the sea is the Busselton Jetty, which was built more than 140 years ago. The Busselton Jetty attracts more than 400,000 visitors yearly and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Western Australia. You can either walk or pay for a fee to take the motorised train ride over the waters, which will take 45 minutes. This slow moving motorised train could only accommodate up to 50 passengers. Along the way, you will see people fishing at various spots of the jetty and name tags of people at the rail whose ashes were throw into the sea. At the end of the jetty, there is a nice underwater viewing observatory.

If you choose to take a healthy walk like us, the entrance fee into the Busselton Jetty for an adult is $2.50 AUD, while children under the age of 16 years old is free. The motorised train ride will cost $15.00 AUD for an adult, while $6.00 AUD for a child 3 -14 years old and under. For the 8 meters down the underwater viewing observatory, a single adult will cost $29.50 AUD and a child age 3 – 14 years old will cost $14.00 AUD. This entrance tickets also includes the motorised train ride. As the Busselton Jetty is a non-profit organisation, all profits are used for the maintenance of this jetty. There is a Interpretive Centre and Heritage Museum, which is free entrance, and is open daily from 9:00am to 5:00pm. This small museum will display photographs of the history and events like the Ironman Triathlon, of the Busselton Jetty.


No dogs allowed.

The motorised train ride.

Our 1.8km walk started from here.

Beautiful fluffy clouds.

Kayden was playing with his fingers.

Here comes the last train of today!

A cool looking seagull staring straight at my camera lens.

I love that gradual curve of the tracks.

Waiting to catch a fish.

This is the Busselton Jetty.

People enjoying their Sunday at the beach!

Just a random photography of the kids.

Kayden playing with his uncle at the beach, getting all ready to chase the raising tides.


Address of our visit
The Goose Restaurant
Geographe Bay Rd, Busselton WA

Tel: (61) 89754 7700
Opening Hours
Mon-Tue: 7:00am – 5:00pm
Wed-Sun: 7:00am – 12:00am

Web: http://thegoose.com.au

Address of our visit
Busselton Jetty
Busselton WA, 6280

Tel: (61) 89754 0900
Email: [email protected]

Web: http://www.busseltonjetty.com.au


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