As a Dad again with a six-month-old baby, my child’s digestive health has always been my priority. It is very typical for babies to have issues like diarrhoea, constipation and gassiness. Every babies well-being is every families top priority.

After my first daddy experiences from my first child, I can say Baby N has not suffered from severe digestive issues during his first six months. Learnt from my mother and doing my research on baby digestion, below are my top five Dad tips on how I improve my baby’s digestive health.


Babies Have Tiny And Delicate Stomachs

Always remember that babies’ digestive systems are not fully formed yet! Their stomachs are tiny, and they don’t have the same amount of enzymes compared to a mature digestive system. Therefore, it is tough for them to break down food. The best food to feed them is natural and soft foods such as kiwi, banana and steamed pumpkin.


How High Temperature Will Cause Digestive Problems

Take note that food cooked at a very high temperature will damage the natural structure of proteins. This is especially important when it comes to milk formulas. If milk proteins are overheated, they will not be absorbed by my baby’s stomach and will cause uncomfortable digestive issues.

Luckily, I have discovered a fantastic product that has solved this problem. Friso, with its LockNutri Process Technology, does not use high temperatures, but a mild heat treatment to process milk. In return, this technique will preserve all of the proteins my baby needs.

How To Preserve Live Bacteria

To ensure the survival of live bacteria, always remember to cool down boiled water to at least below 40° before preparing milk formulas. These live bacteria will help to improve my baby’s digestion and overall well being. Investing in a food thermometer is an excellent idea as it will make food preparation easier such as during the preparation of cereals or porridge for babies.

Beware Of Bubbles On Milk Formula

You know those annoying bubbles that come out after shaking milk in a feeding bottle? Although these bubbles might seem to be harmless, they are bad for babies’ digestion. Drinking milk with too many bubbles will cause babies to have stomach pains or gassiness.

To avoid them, just swirl the milk formula or shake it horizontally, never vertically.


Dilute Of Milk Is A Big No No

Constipation is a common digestive issue for babies. With this, Friso milk formula is packed with nutrients so that babies can have regular and better digestions. Diluting milk formula will not reduce constipation, but make it worse.

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