Cufflinks For Valentine’s Day

Cufflinks. They are small ornaments that close up your long-sleeve shirt cuff. The last time I put on a pair of cufflinks was during my wedding day. Gosh! That’s nearly 7 years ago! I could remember it was a pair of Kenneth Cole cufflink which I bought it at the Round Rock Premium Outlets in Texas, United States. Every guy needs to put on a pair of exquisite design cufflink in their lifetime. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just a good design to show off your personality.

In case you don’t know what cufflink is, it is a pair of fastening tool which closes up the double cuff (French Cuff) of a long-sleeve shirt. French Cuff is folded back with holes to be fastened with cufflinks instead of buttons. While button looks plain, cufflinks come in many designs, shapes, materials and sizes. This little ornaments will reflect more style and personality for any man. Very much like a woman putting jewellery, making them look beautiful for a date.

Despite I rarely put on cufflinks nowadays, I still own a few pairs cufflinks which might come in handy when I needed them such as to attend a wedding dinner or an annual company event. Today, my favourite cufflink which suits my personality is the Heterodoxe cufflink which I had purchased from This industrial design cufflink has a mini-watch movement mechanism which oscillates when wound. Unlike conventional circular or rectangular frame design, the Heterodoxe’s hexagonal design looks modern and captivating.


If you own cufflinks like me or you are planning to be a cufflink collector, here are 5 important tips on how you should take care of your cufflinks.

  • Wear your cufflinks typically to avoid them from tainting.
  • Always keep your cufflinks in a clean environment and separate from other jewellery. A cufflink box is the best way to keep your cufflinks.
  • Try not to scratch your cufflinks. However, if you do, make use of a professional silver or gold jewellery cleaning service or take them to your regional jewellery to brighten skillfully.
  • Do not take your cufflinks for a swim as chlorine might degrade the silver and gold coating.
  • The precious gemstones in your cufflinks can clean up with warm water and a soft cloth.

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